Manage Dialpad Meetings Business Licenses
  • 07 Jun 2023
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Manage Dialpad Meetings Business Licenses

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Article Summary

Adding Dialpad Meetings Business to your Dialpad account is available to Standard plans and above. It gives your team access to anywhere meetings.

Let's take a look at how the integration works and how you'll manage Dialpad Meetings and Dialpad. 

How it Works

When you create Dialpad accounts for your team, we automatically include a Dialpad Meetings Free license for them, too. If we find an account that already exists under the same email address as your Dialpad account, we'll automatically link them together, whether it's Free or Business. If not, we'll auto-create a Free account.

While a Free account is standard, Dialpad Administrators can upgrade their team members to a paid Dialpad Meetings Business plan, instead, if they'd like to unlock features like international dial-in or zero PINs.

Dialpad Tip:

If you haven't transitioned to licensed billing (or aren't sure which type your account is), reach out to our Support Team to clarify + make the switch.

Types of Dialpad Meetings Licenses

There are 3 types of Dialpad Meetings licenses:

  • Local
  • Toll-Free
  • Room Devices

Purchase Dialpad Meetings Licenses

To purchase Dialpad Meetings licenses, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Office 
  2. Select Licenses 
  3. Navigate to Dialpad Meetings Licenses
  4. Select Purchase licenses 
  5. Enter the desired number of licenses 
  6. Select Next
  7. Review the updated billing summary
  8. Select Confirm purchase 


Keep in mind that Dialpad Meetings licenses are per-user.

If 5 team members each need a conference line to use, you'll need to purchase 5 licenses for Dialpad Meetings.

Looking for international numbers? Reach out to our Sales Team directly.

Assign Dialpad Meetings Licenses


From, navigate to Admin Settings > Office > Users > Options > Calling and select Add Dialpad Meetings as you would for adding other user permissions.

Choose to assign a local or toll-free line, and select the preferred area code. If you don't specify an area code, we'll do this automatically. Users then receive an email alerting of the change to their account.

Keep in mind that the first team member assigned a Dialpad Meetings license will be the Dialpad Meetings Admin and get to manage team settings for the entire organization.

Unassign Dialpad Meetings Licenses


From, navigate to Admin Settings > Office > Users > Options > Calling and select Remove Dialpad Meetings as you would for removing other user permissions.

Have more questions about Dialpad Meetings? Check out our FAQ.

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