Dialpad Billing FAQs
    • 08 Nov 2023
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    Dialpad Billing FAQs

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    The content discusses common questions about the billing process for Dialpad, a communication platform. It explains that the timing of charges after upgrading from a free trial depends on the payment terms of the plan. Upgrading from a monthly to an annual plan is possible and will be prorated. Admins can upgrade from a Standard to a Pro plan with prorated charges. The number of user licenses can be checked in the Admin Settings. Refunds are not offered for unused licenses, except within 3 days of purchase. Downgrading an account is possible, and changing payment methods requires contacting customer support. Tax exempt status requires sending a tax exemption certificate. If payment is declined, there is a grace period to settle it. Various payment methods are accepted, and monthly charges may vary due to taxes. Domestic country calling rates are based on the location of the office. Dialpad Meetings has separate billing information.

    No one likes sifting through the fine print, and billing can be a delicate topic.

    We like to make things simple, and transparent, so let's take a look at some of the most common questions about the Dialpad billing process. 

    How soon will I see a charge after I upgrade my free trial?

    How soon you'll see your first charge after you upgrade your trial depends on your plan's payment terms.

    If your trial was set up with credit card payments:

    • Charge immediately on first payment 
    • Pro-rated charges are charged immediately
    • Requested changes are charged at the next billing date

    If your trial was set up on a contract (ie invoicing):

    • Payment terms are detailed on your signed service order, please refer to your contract. 

    Can I upgrade from a monthly plan to an annual billing mid-cycle?

    Absolutely! The cost will be pro-rated and you'll see it on your next bill.


    When our team switches your account to yearly billing, you will be charged for 12 months of service (this means you will see your total annual taxes and fees listed on your next bill).

    Can I upgrade from the Standard plan to the Pro plan mid-cycle?  

    Yes, Admins can upgrade from a Standard plan to a Pro plan and they will incur a prorated charge. This applies to both monthly and annual plans.

    The Pro trial can’t be upgraded before the trial expiration date.  

    How do I tell how many user licenses I have?

    Admins can easily check their license numbers by navigating to their Admin Settings from Dialpad.com  

    1. Navigate to Office Settings
    2. Select Licenses

    Here, you'll see the number of currently purchased licenses and the number of unused team licenses. 

    Once a User, add-on, or number has been deleted, the license becomes unused.

    If you no longer need the license and have flexible billing, please continue to Remove Licenses.

    Refunds will not be honored if license(s) are not removed after a deletion.

    I didn't end up using a license - can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds for unused licenses. As stated in our ToS, we have a no-refund policy on annual purchases. 

    If you purchased a license by mistake (it happens) and reach out to us within 3 days, we're happy to issue you a refund. 

    Can I downgrade my account?

    Of course. Just submit a request to our Support Team so we can start making the changes to your account.

    How do I change my payment method from invoice to credit card?

    If you have a contract (ie invoicing), it's best you reach out to your Dialpad Customer Success Manager, or to our Sales Team, to help with any changes. 

    How do I change my payment method from a credit card to a monthly invoiced contract? 

    To switch to contracted invoicing, please contact our Sales team or your Customer Success Manager. Do note there is a minimum user requirement.

    How do I receive tax-exempt status?

    You'll need to send our team your tax exemption certificate. We'll review the certificate and make a determination.

    Please note, certificate 501(c) 3 doesn't apply to the taxes we charge, which are sales tax (in some jurisdictions) and telecom taxes. If we were ever get audited by a state the letter alone is not considered valid support to not charge you tax. We need the actual sales and use tax exemption certificate, granted by the state, in order to process an exemption.

    I just received the email “Your payment has been declined”, is my service canceled?

    Not immediately. As a courtesy, Dialpad offers a few days for you to settle your payment.  When funds are ready, we ask that you manually input your credit card details at dialpad.com/billing.  Once we accept the payment for open invoice(s) your account will become active again.

    What payment methods do you accept?  

    We accept the following credit card payment methods, from all states and countries as long as postal and CVV are verified.

    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • Discover 
    • American Express
    • Debit card (as long as they have one of the above logos)

    *Check and wire transfer payment options require a signed service order, which will be provided by your Customer Support Manager. 

    Prepaid credit cards are not supported. 

    Why is my monthly charge different?

    Taxes are federally and state-mandated, and depending on the agency, these can change whenever the agency passes laws to do so.  Have a read through this article for more information. 

    What constitutes a ‘domestic country’ for the purposes of calling? 

    The domestic country of calling is based on the country that your office is in.

    For example, an office in Belgium would incur local dialing fees when calling a number in Belgium. If a User in that office makes a call to Australia, then they would be charged per minute international fees based on the Australian number they’re calling. 

    What about my Dialpad Meetings bill?

    For billing information regarding Dialpad Meetings, be sure to review this Help Center article.

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