Credit Card Verification
    • 30 Oct 2023
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    Credit Card Verification

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    Dialpad emphasizes the importance of digital security and may require credit card verification upon sign-up. Users will receive a notification in their Admin Settings if verification is necessary. The verification process is designed to be simple, requiring users to confirm the last four digits of their payment method and enter the charged amount. Once verified, the account will be cleared and the validation charge will be refunded automatically. If users need to change their credit card, they must do so before confirming it during the verification process. If the verification charge does not appear on the credit card statement immediately, users can continue using Dialpad and check back within 24 hours. If an incorrect amount is entered twice, the account will be locked, but support is available to assist with verification. The verification charge will always be refunded within 14 days, regardless of whether the credit card is verified or not.

    Dialpad takes your digital security very seriously. Once you sign up (and before making your first payment) we might need to verify your credit card.

    If we do, you'll see a notification at the top of your Admin Settings. 

    Confirm your credit card 

    We've made the verification process as painless as possible. 

    Before continuing, make sure that you have access to the card statement for validation.

    To verify your credit card:

    1. Select Verify card
    2. Confirm the last 4 digits match your payment method, then select Continue
    3. Enter the amount charged, then select Continue 
    4. Select Done

    That's it, you’re good to go! 

    Your account will be now cleared and the validation charge will be automatically refunded to your credit card.

    Frequently asked questions

    What should I do if I need to change my credit card?

    By default, we’ll always try to verify the credit card that you used during signup. In case you need to change it, you’ll need to do so before confirming your credit card in the verification process. Once you confirm the card, we make the verification charge and then the credit card can’t be changed, make sure to do it before.

    To change it, head to your Admin Settings at

    Select Billing Summary and then Edit. From here, you can edit your payment information.

    I can’t see the charge on my credit card statement, what should I do?

    In case you are logged in to your bank account but can’t find the charge in it, this could be because of a delay in the payment processing. Don’t worry, it should show up within 24 hours max. You can always close the notification, continue using Dialpad, and get back to it once the charge shows up in your statement.

    In case you close the pop-up element, you’ll be able to get back where you left by clicking on the “Verify card” button on the notification bar. It will allow you to then input the amount charged.

    If the charged hasn’t showed up after 48 hours, please contact us and we’ll help you.

    What happens if I accidentally input a wrong amount?

    You’ll always have two tries in case you accidentally enter the wrong amount. 

    Verify the amount and re-enter it to secure your account.

    My account got locked, what happens now?

    In case you enter the wrong amount for a second time, your account will be locked and you won’t be able to continue using Dialpad. In case this was a human mistake, we can help you verify your account — contact us and our Support team will gladly assist. 

    Please note that we’ll still need to verify your credit card, so make sure to have access to your statement to verify the charge.

    Will the verification charge always be refunded?

    Yes! The small amount charge will always be refunded within maximum 14 days, whether you verify your credit card or not.

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