Access & Export Your Team's Analytics (Admins)

Administrators can access analytics for their Office, Departments, and even individual team members.

In this article, we'll take a look at the data available to Administrators and how to export it. Looking for a walkthrough on your own analytics?

Filter Data

Administrators can filter their data based on a specific group or time frame. These display stats are up to date (give or take a few minutes). 


  • Entire Office
  • Main Line
  • Depts.
  • Call Queues
  • Paired Execs

Time Frame

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last Day of the Week (i.e. Sun, Mon, Tuesday, etc.)
  • Last Week (i.e. Sun - Sat)
  • Last Month
  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 30 Days
  • Past 3 Months

Call Type

  • All Calls
  • Department Calls (inbound only)

Dialpad Tip: Selecting Call Queue will give you an option to view your Hold Queue stats, including avg. waiting time and call length. 

The data displayed will reflect all inbound and outbound calls to the selected group of Operators and time frame with the exception of Department Calls (inbound only). 


What's the difference between All Calls and Department Calls?

Let’s say an Dept/Call Queue Admin wants to see how many calls their Operators or Agents handled last week.

By selecting All Calls, they’ll see a total of all the calls each Operator/Agent handled regardless of where the call came from or went to (meaning even other Departments or Call Queues).

By selecting Department Calls, they’ll see a total of all the calls each Operator/Agent handled on that specific Department or Call Queue.

Think of All Calls as a way for Dept/CallQueue Admins to check the total activity of their Operators/Agents since only Company and Office Admins can see all your Entire Office Stats.

Calls by Day

Once you choose your group, timeframe, and call type (if applicable), your stats will automatically refresh to display insights like:

  • Total Calls
  • Call Minutes
  • Text Messages
  • Hold Queue (if Call Queue is selected)



Included Stats

Total Calls

# of missed calls
# of abandoned calls
# of canceled calls

Call Minutes

# of outbound minutes
# of inbound minutes
average call duration

Text Messages

# of texts
# of texts inside company
# of texts outside company

Hold Queue

average wait time
average call duration

Calling Habits 

Here's where you can get a general sense of how calls are placed/received throughout your office. These stats include:


Team Member Leaderboards

Need to review individual team member metrics? This section displays the following stats for each member of your team:


Select a team member from this list to view their own individual metrics.

Export Data

You'll have the option to export either stats or call logs. If you choose to export your stats, just remember that any calls that happened less than 24 hours from when you export won't show up on your reports.

Let's take a look at the differences between the two options:

Export Statistics

This will export call metrics aggregated by the user and date level (past day, month, etc.). Think of it as a more detailed breakdown of your Top Users leaderboard.

Export Call Logs

This will export call metrics aggregated by the call direction (inbound/outbound) and date level (past day, month, etc.). This will provide more details on specific calls. 

Selecting either of these options will email the metrics straight to the Admin, where they'll be able to download the .csv file.


Grant Analytics Access

If you're a Company Administrator, you can navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Your Team and select Give analytics access from their drop-down.

In addition to viewing analytic reports, non-Admins can export their data.


Additional Resources