View Contact Information

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Contact information reveals who you're communicating with, as well as any shared items, meetings, and more!

If you're on Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365, Dialpad will gather the contact's information, a conversation record, shared calendar events, shared emails, shared documents, and appropriate data from shared integrations.

Let's take a look at contact information in Dialpad.

View Contact Profile

To view a contact's profile, navigate to a conversation thread and select the caret menu beside their name.

Here, you'll see their contact information, labels, shared data such as calendar events, emails, documents, and integrations.

Drag and drop the integrations and profile into your desired sort order for easy reference. 

Shared Calendar Events

View your shared calendar events right from within the Contact Profile. 

In order for shared calendar events to function properly, you and the company contact must schedule through Google Calendar or Outlook. Calendar events must also be set to public.


Select View all to launch your Google or O365 calendar in a new browser window. 

Shared Emails

View any shared emails, and select an email to open it in Google Calendar (Workspace) or Outlook (Office 365).

Select View All to open your email platform in your web browser.


Shared Documents

View documents shared between you and your contact via Google Drive (Workspace) or Office (O365).

Open the individual document, or select View All to launch either platform in your web browser.


Shared Integration Data

View shared data from integrations such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot.

This provides you with quick access to tickets, cases, statuses, and more!


Use our App Marketplace to see the available integrations.

Edit Contact Information

To edit a contact's information from within Dialpad, select Edit contact 


Enter the updated information, add or remove tags and select Save Changes save_edits_profile.png