Manage Contact Labels
    • 25 Jun 2024
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    Manage Contact Labels

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    Article summary

    Contact labels let users apply custom labels to personal and department contacts, allowing you to organize and search for contacts efficiently.

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Create a contact label

    To create a contact label:

    1. Choose a contact
    2. Select their name to open their contact information in the sidebar
    3. Select Add a label 
    4. Type the label details
    5. Press enter to confirm


    New labels created will appear as an available selection for other contacts.

    Remove a contact label

    To remove a contact label:

    1. Choose a contact
    2. Click their name to open the contact information in the sidebar
    3. Select the X button beside the label you'd like to delete

    Labels are not deleted when removed from a contact; they'll remain available as a label for selection on other contacts.

    Search by contact label

    Search labels to easily find all contents with the associated label. 

    Simply type the label into the Dialpad search bar to find contacts with the desired label.


    Contacts with multiple labels assigned will first display the matching label in search results.

    Frequently asked questions

    How many contact labels can I create per contact?

    Contacts can feature up to 20 custom labels each.

    Are contact labels shareable?

    No, contact labels are created locally for each user and cannot be shared when searching labels.

    Is a contact label case-sensitive?

    Nope! Contact labels are case-sensitive in creation only. "Dialpad," for example, is not the same as "dialpad." 

    Searching either terms will return identical results.

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