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Whether it's SMS, MMS, or chat between, read on to learn how to keep the lines of communication open from anywhere in Dialpad.

Messaging in Dialpad ('Chat') vs SMS and MMS

Messages sent through Dialpad are sent via an internet connection, starting a 'chat' between Dialpad users.

If the contact you're messaging isn't a Dialpad user, messages are sent via traditional SMS/MMS-based networks. In either case, sending and receiving messages is completely free as part of your account.

Keep in mind that SMS/MMS is only supported for numbers in the United States and Canada.

Send a Message (Chat & SMS)


From the Dialpad app, select Message in the left sidebar.

Enter a contact's name or number, then start typing the message. Present the Enter key when you've composed the message and are ready to send.

By default, your message will be sent from your personal Dialpad number. You'll have the option to change this at the top of the screen if you're assigned as an Operator or Agent on a Shared Line.

Looking to communicate with GIFs? Just type '/giphy' and a term, then press the Enter key to display a GIF matching your entry. Hover over the GIF to play it.

Send an Image or Video (Chat & MMS)


From the Dialpad app, drag-and-drop the image or video into your conversation thread or select the Camera icon to open your device's file browser.

Select a photo or video, then start typing the message (if necessary) and press the Enter key.

Messages sent to users outside of Dialpad that include a photo or video are MMS-based (multimedia messaging service).

Supported MMS Files

Whether in a group or a one-on-one Dialpad chat, MMS between Dialpad and PSTN is limited to 500KB for both images and video. Between Dialpad users in group or Dialpad chat, the size limit is 32MB.


You can see all of the supported MMS file formats in the image above. (Pure audio files are not supported at this time.) 

Forward a Message


From the Dialpad app, navigate to InboxMessages and select the Forward in the drop-down.

Search a contact's name or enter an email address, then add an additional message if necessary.

Select Forward Message to finish and send.

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