Voicemail Transcription FAQ
  • 31 May 2023
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Voicemail Transcription FAQ

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Article Summary

Can I receive an email with my transcription?

Yes, an email is sent for individual users.

How long is my transcription saved/stored/retained?

Voicemails are stored in our system for as long as you keep it.  Once deleted, voicemail recordings and transcriptions are removed.

What happens if I delete my Voicemail? Is the transcription kept?

Deleting the voicemail removes the transcription.

Can I search for voicemail transcriptions on the Dialpad desktop app?

Yes, these are viewable under the Messages and Transcripts sections of our search tool.

How do I access my voicemail transcription on Dialpad mobile?

Go to Home Screen → Recents → Voicemails.

Additionally you can search using our search bar. Currently these show up under “history.”

How does VM transcription work with Departments or Call Centers?

All Departments, Main Lines and Call Centers have the ability to include a voicemail.  These can be accessed directly under the Voicemails tab.  Note that once a voicemail is read by an agent or operator of the group, this will be marked READ for all users.

What languages are supported for voicemail transcription?

Voicemails are transcribed in any supported language International IVR Greeting Language listed here.  Follow the steps for Individual Users or Shared Lines depending on which line you're trying to set up. Defaults are set to the Office default language.

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