Manage Your Voicemail
  • 03 Sep 2023
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Manage Your Voicemail

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Article Summary

Miss a call? Not to worry, callers can still get in touch with you by leaving a voicemail, and then you're able to find out what they're interested in discussing before calling back.

Let's dive into the details of managing your personal voicemail.

Who Can Use This Feature
Voicemail is available to all Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Sales, and Contact Center customers on all plans.

This article goes over your personal voicemail — if you'd like to configure your shared line voicemail, be sure to check out the specifics for Department lines and Mainlines.

Set a voicemail greeting

Your voicemail greeting can be set from the web portal, or from your Mobile/SIP app.

To hear your current recorded greeting, head to Your Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Call Handling and Voicemail
  2. Click the blue play button beside the greeting type 

Let's take a look at both methods below. 

Set Voicemail Greeting from the Web Portal

To manage your voicemail from, head to Your Settings.

  1. Navigate to Call Handling & Voicemail
  2. Select Record a Greeting to record directly from your device OR select Upload to choose an existing MP3 file

If you prefer to keep it simple, Dialpad also offers a default voicemail greeting. To use our greeting, simply keep the "Default Greeting", no changes are required.

  • If you're recording a custom voicemail greeting, it must be 45 seconds or shorter in length.
  • You can always rename or delete a voicemail greeting after listening to it. If you're uploading an MP3 file, it cannot be any larger than 10MB in size.

Set Voicemail from Mobile or SIP Device

To manage your voicemail from your mobile or SIP device, call your direct Dialpad number and enter your user and voicemail PIN. You'll hear an IVR message prompting you to record a custom voicemail greeting.

Check your voicemail

From the Dialpad app, navigate to Inbox and select Voicemails.

Select the voicemail you'd like to listen to and click the Play button (that's the Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_9.36.17_AM.png) and Dialpad will play the audio. You'll also see the caller ID, the transcript, the length of the message, and the timestamp.

Open the drop-down menu alongside a voicemail, to find see options to mark as read, download, forward (as an email), flag, delete, report, star, share, and delete the thread.

Voicemail email notifications

Dialpad will share a pop-up notification in the app when you receive an email, but you can also opt-in to receive email notifications.

From, navigate to Your Settings

  1. Navigation to the Call Handling & Voicemail section
  2. Select Receive Email Notifications for New Voicemail

You'll now receive an email every time a new voicemail reaches your inbox.

We will not send a voicemail email notification if there is no audio data, or if the voicemail is 5 seconds or shorter.

Forward a voicemail

Need to share a voicemail with a colleague? We've got you covered.

From within the Dialpad app, first, navigate to your Inbox 

  1. Select the Voicemails tab
  2. Open the drop-down menu beside the voicemail
  3. Select Forward
  4. Enter a contact's name or email address and click Forward Message

You can also attach a message to the voicemail before it's sent via email.

Cloud backup

Life is busy and we know you are always on the go! Cloud backup is a piece of cake and can be set up from

Navigate to Your Settings from

  1. Navigate to the Call Handling & Voicemail section
  2. Click Show Advanced Options
  3. Navigate to Cloud Backup
  4. Select Save Voicemails to Google Drive


Remember, to use Google Drive storage, you'll need to connect your Google Drive to the Dialpad app.

Open a conversation thread, select the Google Drive icon, and click Connect Google Drive.

Frequently asked questions

Can I check my voicemail if I'm using a forwarding number?

Yes. Check your voicemail by calling your direct Dialpad number, then entering your user and voicemail PIN. You'll only be able to listen to new voicemails when calling from a forwarding number, however.

Why am I still receiving notifications even though I disabled them?

Department operators will still receive voicemail notification emails for their department, even if they have "Receive Email Notifications for New Voicemails" unchecked on their settings page. To change this, the operator will need to update the Department's notification settings.

Learn more about enabling/disabling notifications for departments here

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