Keyboard Shortcuts
    • 12 Sep 2023
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Keyboard shortcuts are a useful feature for Dialpad users, allowing them to work more efficiently and multitask. The shortcuts differ depending on the device being used, with MacOS devices utilizing the Command key and Windows devices relying on the Control key. Dialpad offers various keyboard shortcuts, such as opening the dialer for a new call, creating a new message, searching contacts and messages, navigating between menus, refreshing the app, and minimizing the app. It is not currently possible to create custom shortcuts, and these shortcuts are not compatible with the web app. Dialpad Meetings also has its own set of shortcuts.

    Keyboard shortcuts help you work more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to do multiple tasks at once.

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature

    Keyboard shortcuts are available to all Dialpad users on Dialpad desktop app.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you're using a MacOS device, press and hold the Command key first. Windows devices, meanwhile, rely on the Control key. From there, you're able to press the appropriate key that executes the shortcut.

    Dialpad offers the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • cmd/ctrl and n ... Open dialer to start new call
    • cmd/ctrl and t ... Create new message
    • cmd/ctrl and / ... Search contacts and messages
    • cmd/ctrl and [ or ] ... Back and forward between menus
    • cmd/ctrl and r ... Refresh the app
    • cmd/ctrl and m ... Minimize the app

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I make my own shortcuts?

    Not at this time. 

    Why don't they work when I'm using the browser app?

    These keyboard shortcuts are not compatible with the web (browser) app.

    What about Dialpad Meetings?

    Dialpad Meetings has its own set of handy shortcuts. Learn about them in this Help Center article

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