Dark Mode
    • 30 Oct 2023
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    Dark Mode

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    Article summary

    Dark Mode is smooth and elegant, with soothing colors that reduce screen glare and provides a visually pleasing experience, especially in low-light conditions. 

    Easily switch between dark and light mode depending on your mood or your environment  — perhaps it's a sunny day, and you prefer Dark mode to let your eyes rest, or maybe you're working late hours and want to minimize eye strain.Let’s dive into the details

    Who Can Use This Feature
    Dark Mode is available to Dialpad users, whether you’re using our web, mobile, or native app.

    Turn on Dark Mode

    We've made toggling between light and dark modes simple, so you can switch back and forth depending on your mood or external settings. 

    Dark Mode - web and browser app 

    To turn on Dark Mode in the Dialpad native or browser app:

    1. Click your avatar
    2. Select Preferences
    3. Select Theme
    4. Select Dark

    That's it! Your Dialpad app will automatically switch to Dark Mode. 

    If you'd like to use Light Mode during the day, and Dark Mode at night, select System Default as your theme preference. Dialpad will then automatically switch between Light and Dark modes based on your device's system preferences. 

    Dark Mode for iOS

    To turn on Dark Mode for your mobile (iOS) device, head to your Settings

    1. Navigate to Themes
    2. Select Dark Mode

    Dark Mode for Android

    To turn on Dark Mode for your Android device, head to your Settings

    1. Navigate to Theme
    2. Select Dark 

    Dark Mode for Ai Meetings

    Update your Dialpad Meetings theme to dark mode in just a few clicks!

    1. Select Menu from your Dialpad Meetings dashboard
    2. Select Settings
    3. Navigate to Color Preferences

    Select Dark

    Frequently asked questions

    I set my browser app to Dark Mode, why didn't my Ai Meetings settings change too?

    Dark Mode settings do not sync across all Dialpad applications, you'll need to individually set the theme for each app (mobile, web app, meetings, etc).

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