Port In Your Toll-Free US Number
    • 06 Jun 2024
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    Port In Your Toll-Free US Number

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    Dialpad offers toll-free number porting services. To initiate the process, submit a port request with account details and a signed LOA. Contact the Porting team for assistance. Obtain a Customer Service Record from your current provider for accurate information. Check the port request status, which typically takes 5-10 business days. Ensure toll-free calling credits are added to your Office account to receive inbound calls. Add credits through the Billing section. Assign toll-free numbers to shared lines. Stay informed through Dialpad's resources for any porting queries.

    Need to port in your toll-free number? No problem, Dialpad has you covered! 

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature
    Dialpad Administrators can initiate a toll-free port request by filling out and submitting a Letter of Authorization (LOA).

    Submit toll-free port request

    First, you'll need to provide the account information for your toll-free numbers and return a signed LOA to our Porting team. Please contact them directly at [email protected]

    Similar to local number ports, we advise you to first call your current provider and confirm what information to provide Dialpad in order to port your numbers. Requesting a Customer Service Record (CSR) is the best way to gather all of your losing carrier's information for your port.

    We want to have all the details correct the first time, as if any amendments are made after submission, the request actually restarts from the beginning and therefore delays the entire timeline. 

    Check a toll-free port request status

    Toll-free ports can take 5-10 business days to process assuming no issues with the submitted LOA form. Rest assured we will keep you informed, and when your toll-free numbers port successfully, we'll send an email to the Dialpad Admin. 

    Toll-free calling credits

    For your toll-free number to accept inbound calls, you will need to add credits to your Office account. 

    If you run out of credits, callers will hear an out-of-service message stating "Sorry, this number is currently not in service. Please try again later." We highly recommend enabling auto-recharge to ensure this doesn't happen. 

    Easily add credits from the Billing section of your Office settings, or by going to dialpad.com/credits 

    Learn more about call credits in this Help Center article.

    Assign your toll-free numbers

    Toll-Free numbers can be assigned to the following shared lined:

    Have more questions about porting? Check out our porting FAQs.

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