Dialpad Release Notes 23.02.15
    • 04 Aug 2023
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    Dialpad Release Notes 23.02.15

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    We're always rolling out updates that contain new features and capabilities to ensure customers get the most out of Dialpad. 

    Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are made to live at the center of your business communications — update your desktop app, or visit Dialpad's web portal to take advantage of the latest additions. You'll also discover some bug fixes to improve reliability. 

    Let's take a look at what's new from our most recent release on Feb 15th, 2023.


    Agent Global DND Behaviour Change | When a Contact Center Agent is on-duty and they turn their Global DND on, it will now prevent them from getting any inbound direct calls, Mainline and Department calls, but they will still continue to receive Contact Center calls.  If an Agent wants to stop receiving calls from a specific Contact Center, they'll need to set themself as DND for that Contact Center. If an Agent wants to stop receiving calls from all of their assigned Contact Centers, the Agent must put themselves into an “Off-Duty” status.

    Personal Working Hours Behavior Change |  Personal Working Hours now only impact routing rules for your assigned Departments and Mainline, and not Contact Centers.  If your personal working hours close at 5:00 PM, and your assigned Shared Line receives a call at 5:01 PM, your devices will not ring, even if your Shared Line closes at 6:00 PM. Instead, the call will be routed to other available Operators assigned to that Shared Line.  However, if you are still available in a Contact Center after your Personal Working Hours begins, you will still be routed a call.  To not receive calls from the Contact Center, the agent must put themselves into an “Off-Duty”

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration | Never miss a sales opportunity with Dialpad's new native Microsoft Dynamics integration. You'll be able to increase productivity by auto-logging calls and easily keep tabs on your prospects and customers.


    CTC Chrome Plugin Improvement | When using click-to-call via the Chrome extension, we now set the outbound caller ID according to your preferences set in the Dialpad app.

    Disposition Code Improvement | Contact Center Administrators can now limit Agents to only select 1 disposition code at the Contact Center level.  By default, Agents will be able to select 2 unless this option is enabled.


    Yealink Call Parking | Our Advanced Yealink Features now include call parking! Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature. 

    Critical Bug Fix

    Coaching Teams Voicemail Transcription Bug | Some Users reporting that voicemail transcription was not working properly for Coaching Team trainees. This has been fixed. 

    Other Improvements

    We've also fixed some minor bugs, improving your overall experience with Dialpad.

    Happy Dialing!

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