Provision a Poly UCS Desk Phone
    • 01 Apr 2024
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    Provision a Poly UCS Desk Phone

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    Dialpad, a communication platform, is available on Poly UCS desk phones in addition to desktop, browser, and mobile applications. However, not all Poly UCS desk phone models are fully supported by Dialpad. Models ending with '1' are fully supported, while those ending with '0' are supported with reasonable effort. Before setting up the Poly UCS desk phone for Dialpad, it must be provisioned and factory reset if previously used with another service provider. The process involves accessing TCP/IP parameters on the phone, entering the IP address in a web browser, logging in with the admin password (default is 456 or 789), restoring the phone to factory settings, and restarting it. Once ready for activation, the phone's settings need to be configured by entering the provisioning server address as After a restart and configuration update, the phone can be activated to a Dialpad User or Room account by following the instructions provided in the Dialpad portal.

    In addition to our desktop, browser, and mobile applications, Dialpad is available on desk phones.

    Let's look at how to set up your Poly UCS desk phone to use with Dialpad.

    Who can use this feature
    To set up and manage a desk phone, you must be a Dialpad Admin or have permission to Activate your own phone (granted from your Admin).

    Before you begin, review this Help Center article to ensure your desk phone is supported.


    While Dialpad supports a wide variety of Poly UCS desk phones, some are completely supported, and other are supported within reasonable effort only. 

    • If the models end with a ‘1’ (201, 301, 311, 401, 411, 501, 601), these devices are fully supported.
    • If the model number ends with a ‘0’ (VVX 200, 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, 600), these devices are supported within reasonable effort only.

    Provision a Polycom UCS desk phone

    First things first, your Polycom UCS desk phone, must be provisioned for Dialpad. 

    If the Poly phone was previously used with another service provider before configuring it to Dialpad, the phone must be factory reset to clear out any conflicting settings or data.

    Your phone must be connected to the internet throughout the reset and activation process. 

    To factory reset a UCS desk phone, use the phone’s navigation buttons to find the TCP/IP Parameters.

    1. Press Home 
    2. Press Menu
    3. Select Status 
    4. Select Network 
    5. Select TCP/IP Parameters
    6. Note the IPv4 address

    Next, in a web browser, enter the IP address of the phone into the browser's address bar (you'll need to precede the IP address with https://)

    1. Enter the Admin Password
      • The Poly factory default admin password is 456, or 789, though the phone may have a custom password

    1. Once logged in, hover on the Utilities menu and navigate to Global Settings
    2. Select Phone Backup & RestoreGlobal Settings
    3. Select Restore phone to factory settings
    4. Select Restore 
    5. Select Yes

    The phone will restart and revert to factory conditions, erasing local data — this process takes several minutes. 

    Once the phone has restarted, the Admin password will change to 456

    Click on restore and click Yes.

    Configure for Dialpad

    Once the phone is ready to activate to a Dialpad User or Room account, return to the web server (Parts 1-3 in Step 1 above).

    1. Navigate to the Settings menu
    2. Select Provisioning Server
    3. In the Server Address box field, enter:
    4. Press Save
      • Within 15-20 seconds, the phone will automatically restart and update its configuration. The device may also load a new Firmware version during this time.  
        • This process can take 5-10 minutes.  
      • If the phone doesn’t restart within 20 seconds, go to the Utilities menu on the screen and select Reboot Phone
    5. Once the phone returns to a stable state, look at its top linekey for Dialpad Activate
      • If you see ‘Dialpad Activate’ on Linekey 1, the phone is ready to activate to your User or Room account. 
      • If you do not see Dialpad Activate, be sure to review this Help Center article for troubleshooting details. 

    To complete activation, navigate to your Dialpad Settings

    1. Select Your Devices 
    2. Select Add New
    3. Select Other Polycom phones
    4. Name the Device and click Next - you will then be provided a 4-digit Activation code
    5. Pick up the receiver, and the phone will automatically dial out. 
    6. When prompted, enter the 4-digit activation code provided in the Dialpad portal.

    Thats it! The phone will restart and is now registered with Dialpad.




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