Provision Poly Edge E Devices to Dialpad
    • 28 May 2024
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    Provision Poly Edge E Devices to Dialpad

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    Article summary

    Dialpad is proud to support Polycom desk phones, both with and without Obi firmware.

    The Poly Edge E family delivers a full-featured Dialpad experience at an affordable price.

    Let's go over how to configure Edge E devices to set you up for success.

    Firmware compatibility

    Edge E devices use a UCS firmware — the current and tested Edge E Firmware is version 8.2.0

    Your Polycom phone must be on the list of Supported Desk Phones, and be using the listed firmware.

    Provision to Dialpad

    Now that your device has been reset, it's time to provision the device to Dialpad.  

    First, use the phone’s navigation buttons to find the IP address.

    1. Press Home 
    2. Press Menu
    3. Select Status 
    4. Select Network 
    5. Select TCP/IP Parameters
    6. Note the IPv4 address

    In a web browser, enter the device's IP address  https://<phone_local_ip_address>

    1. Select admin 
    2. Enter 456 as the password  
      1. 456 is the default password — if you've already set a password, use that
    3. Select Submit

    Once logged in, select Settings.

    1.  Select Provisioning Server
    2. Enter HTTPS in “Server Type” 
    3. Enter the "Server Address" 
      1. The trailing forward slash is required
    4. Reboot the phone

    Your device will reboot several times, and then “Dialpad Activate” will display on the first line key.

    Assign phone 

    To complete activation, you'll need assign the device. 

    Head to Your Settings from 

    1. Select Your Devices 
    2. Select Add New
    3. Select Add a desk phone
    4. Select See more options
    5. Select Poly Edge E Series
    6. Name the device, then select Next 
    7. Save the 4-digit Activation code
    8. Pick up the receiver, the phone will automatically dial out
    9. When prompted, enter the 4-digit activation code provided in the Dialpad portal

    Thats it! The phone will restart and is now registered with Dialpad.

    These instructions are for adding your own Poly Edge E device. If you're an Admin looking to add a Poly Edge E device to one of your users, please refer to this Help Center article for more details. 

    Frequently asked questions

    My phone rebooted multiple times, is this okay?

    Yes. A successful result will see the phone reboot several times, possibly update firmware, and then display Dialpad Activate on line 1 in the top left of the screen. 

    How long does provisioning take?

    If a firmware change is required, this can require 8-10 minutes to complete, otherwise, normal provisioning can be done in roughly 2-3 minutes.

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