Working as a Department Administrator
  • 30 Aug 2023
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Working as a Department Administrator

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Article Summary

Department Administrators are able to monitor calls as they take place, update their Operator's DND status, and customize their Department's settings. 

Let's take a look at working as a Department Admin in Dialpad.

Who Can Use This Feature
Departments are available to Ai Voice customers on the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plan.

Working as a Department Admin

As a Department Admin, you can control the following for your Department(s):

Department Management

  • Adding/Removing Phone Numbers
  • Adding/Removing Fax Numbers
  • Assigning Operators & Phones
  • Managing Call Handling
  • Setting Business Hours
  • Setting Hold Music



  • Assign Users as Operators to make and receive calls in your Department
  • Assign Operators Department Admin privileges
  • Manage their Operator's DND state
  • Listen, Whisper, and Barge live calls
A Company or Office Admin can assign any individual User to become a Department Admin.

Department Inbox

To access your Department's inbox from the Dialpad app, navigate to Departments and select a Department.

Your Department Inbox displays a separate tab for the following activities:

  • Hold Queue -  Real-time view of callers waiting to connect to an agent
  • Live Calls - View of live calls using Dialpad's Ai to demonstrate call sentiment and call purpose
  • Operators - List of Operators within the Department, their status, and time within the status
  • New - Events that have not been read by any Department operators
  • All - All contacts that have interacted with the Department
  • Missed - Calls that were not picked up by any Department operators
  • Messages - All messages for the Department
  • Voicemails - Voicemails for the Department
  • Recordings - Call recordings for Department calls
  • Spam - Spam messages and calls
  • Unlogged - Events that have not been logged to Salesforce (if you are using our Salesforce integration)

Monitor Operator Availability 

Department Admins can monitor operator availability from the Department’s Operators tab view.

Here you will see a list of Operators, their availability status, and the duration of their availability status.

Sort Operators by name, status, and more by selecting the arrow beside the Sort By menu.


The default Operator sort order is Operators on Call and prioritizes Operators set to Available. 

Change an Operator's DND Status

Department Admins and Office Admins can quickly set an Operator to DND from the Department's Operators view. Simply toggle the DND slider on or off, and their availability will update instantly.

Change an Operator's DND Status for Select Departments

Department Admins and Office Admins can change an Operator's DND status for multiple Departments by clicking the arrow menu button beside the Operator’s name. This opens a pop-up window displaying the Operator's DND settings for each Department they belong to. Admins can easily toggle DND on or off for any of the user's assigned Departments.  


Departments are available to Ai Voice customers on Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

If the option to change an operator's DND status is disabled, that means the user has their global DND status enabled.

When a user has their global DND status turned on, they will not receive direct calls to their Dialpad number or any inbound calls to departments. Admins cannot control a user’s global DND status, so you’ll need to reach out to the user and ask them to disable their global DND status. Once that is done, you can change the operator's department DND status.

Call Monitoring Features

Department Admins can easily keep monitor live calls and offer support as needed.

Dialpad offers 4 live-call monitoring tools:

  • Call Listening – Allows Admins to listen in on a live call (usually to make notes and provide feedback later).
  • Call Barging – Allows Admins to directly join live calls directly as a third party.
  • Call Whisper – Allows Admins to talk directly to an Agent during a call without the customer hearing anything.
  • Call Takeover - Allows Admins to take control of the call completely and remove the Agent from the call.

Learn all about our call monitoring features in this Help Center article

Department Admins must be on an Ai Sales or Contact Center license in order to use Call Monitoring Features. 

More Information

Learn more about managing a Department in this Help Center article.

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