Log a Call Disposition
  • 30 Aug 2023
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Log a Call Disposition

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Article Summary

Call dispositions allow reps to categorize or assign an outcome to every single call, letting you report on specific call outcomes in Analytics.

Let's look at how to log call dispositions.

Who Can Use This Feature
Call Dispositions are available to Ai Sales and Contact Center Users on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Using Call Dispositions

Dispositions must be enabled and created by an Admin before Agents and Trainees will see the option in their wrap-up.

Call dispositions can only be logged after the call was made or received. Once the call has been completed, agents are prompted to select the appropriate disposition code in the post-call wrap-up

To log a call disposition:

  1. End the call
  2. Navigate to Disposition   
  3. Select a Disposition (or 2)
  4. Select Complete

Agents can choose from the top 3 most frequently used disposition codes for their specific call center.

There are two different quick-pick methods to select a disposition. 

  1. Drop-down menu quick-pick: Search the desired disposition in the text field, and then select from the drop-down menu                             
  2. Most Used: Click the suggested disposition code links from the Most Used prompt 
The Most Used prompts are available for Contact Centers and Coaching Teams only. 

Call Dispositions for iOS

Dispositions can be logged on Dialpad's iOS app. 

  1. Select Add disposition
  2. Choose the disposition
  3. Select Done
  4. Review the Wrap up details, then select Complete

Call Dispositions for Zendesk Users

If you're using the Zendesk + Dialpad Integration, you can log your disposition in the Zendesk CTI.

Dispositions won't log into your Zendesk analytics or tickets if you have this turned on.


The Zendesk CTI does not support hierarchical multi-select disposition codes. Stay tuned, though, it's coming!

Call Dispositions for Salesforce Users

If you've connected your Salesforce to Dialpad, dispositions also log in to Salesforce. Dispositions are stored in the “Call Result” field when a call is logged.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the user go back and add a disposition after a call has ended and they didn't save one before?

Not at this time.

Can the user view the disposition chosen and the notes left in the contact history?

No, not at this time. The Contact Center or Coach can download the CSV export from analytics to see the dispositions chosen and notes left. 

Do dispositions show up on transferred calls?

Yes, as long as it's a transferred call into a Contact Center or Coaching Team with dispositions enabled.

Can I log dispositions from the mobile app?

Dispositions can be added on the iOS app only. We will be releasing disposition functionality for Android shortly. 

Can I log dispositions from a desk phone?

No, we do not offer the ability to log dispositions from a desk phone. You must use the desktop app at this time.

Do notes from the disposition log to Salesforce?

Yes, disposition notes log to Salesforce.

What happens if the user doesn’t save the disposition, does this prevent them from receiving more calls?

No, as long as another call doesn’t come in during wrap-up time, the agent will be rung immediately.

Why am I not seeing the option to log a disposition for my Coaching Team calls?

Confirm with your Admin that dispositions are enabled in Coaching Team settings. Internal calls for a Coaching Team will not show the option to leave a disposition. If you are a Trainee and call another Dialpad user within your company, the option to leave a disposition will not appear.

If you'd like to leave a disposition on internal Coaching Team calls, please reach out to our Support Team.

Can I log dispositions to Copper CRM?

No, not at this time. 

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