Manage Your Users
  • 06 Jun 2024
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Manage Your Users

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Dialpad lets you manage active users and reserved numbers within a single menu. You can see names, email addresses, numbers, license types, and other account details.

Let's take a look at managing users in Dialpad.

Who can use this feature

Company and Office Admins are able to manage users in an Office. If you're a Company Admin on the Advanced or Premium plans (as well as our legacy Pro or Enterprise plan), you also have proxy access to remotely access users' accounts and can even transfer licenses and users between offices.

Visit this Help Center article to learn more about Admin privileges. 

View active users 

To view your active users, head to your Admin Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Select Users
  3. Select Active Users

You can also add or remove team members and edit user permissions

Find precisely who or what you're looking for — use the search bar or the filters to identify users by name, license type, permissions, and add-ons.

View reserved numbers

When an admin deletes a user or removes a previously assigned number in Dialpad, the number goes into your Reserved Pool. 

To view your Reserved Pool, head to your Admin Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Select Users
  3. Select Reserved Numbers tab

This tab displays all your unassigned numbers and shows you who the number was last for, in what office, and the date it was unassigned.

Easily reassign or delete reserved numbers from this tab. 

Looking to move an existing user to a different license type? Please reach out to a member of our Dialpad Support Team for assistance!

View deleted users 

Need to see a list of your recently deleted users? Deleted users can be restored for up to 72 hours after the initial deletion. 

To view your deleted users, head to your Admin Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Select Users
  3. Select Deleted Users

Any users that have been deleted less than 72 hours prior will show up here.

After 72 hours, users will be permanently deleted and all records associated with those users will be anonymized.

Bulk user management 

Easily update multiple users at the same time using our simple checkbox selector. The following actions can be applied in bulk: 

  • Delete user
  • Add or remove admin access
  • Add or remove analytics permissions

To bulk update users:

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of their names
  2. Choose which action you'd like to apply 

Keep in mind if you grant analytics access, it will only apply to Charting Data and not Call History; you must be a Company Admin in order to do this.

Proxy access into the user account

Need to take a closer look at a user account or help troubleshoot an issue they're experiencing? In those cases, proxying into an account may be what you're looking for.

Proxying only allows access to accounts and web settings, not the Dialpad app itself.

From, navigate to Admin Settings

  1. Select Users 
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Admin 
  4. Select Proxy Login

When proxying, you'll see a banner at the top to indicate that any changes to the user's account will be completed immediately. Use the Back button to exit the proxy login.

Office Admins will not see this feature by default; a Company Admin must enable it for them first.

From, a Company Admin must navigate to Admin Settings > Users > Options > Privileges and select Give Proxy Access.

As an Office Admin, that user will then be able to proxy into another account.

Proxying is available through the Enterprise Support portal as well, but you'll need to be on the Enterprise plan. Both the Pro plan and the Enterprise plan allow you to proxy through the method shown above.

Transfer licenses

If you're on an Advanced or Premium plan (as well as our legacy Pro or Enterprise plans), Company Admins can easily transfer licenses across all of their offices without needing to repurchase licenses for a specific office. Licenses can only be transferred between offices at the same price level.

To transfer licenses, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Select Licenses
  2. Choose the type of license you'd like to transfer
    1. Dialpad
    2. Ai Meetings
    3. Add-on 
  3. Select Transfer Licenses 
  4. Select the Office you need to transfer licenses to, then select Next
  5. Select the quantity and type of licenses to be transferred, then select Next 
  6. Review the transfer and select Confirm transfer

Only unassigned licenses can be transferred, however, users can be transferred to different offices on the same pricing plan, as noted below.

Transfer users to a different office

Did a team member move to a new office? No problem! If you're on a Premium or Advanced plan (as well as our legacy Pro or Enterprise plans), Company Admins can easily transfer users from one office to another.

When a user is transferred to a new office, they keep the license, phone number, and settings they had previously. There is no other change to the user's account besides the office they are associated with.

To transfer a user to a different office, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Office
  2. Select Users
  3. Select Options beside the name of the user you'd like to transfer
  4. Select Transfer user 
  5. Choose the office you would like to transfer the user to
  6. Select Next 
  7. Review the transfer summary, then select Confirm transfer 

If you transfer a user to an office located in a different country than the user’s current office, any local numbers and fax numbers currently assigned to this user will be removed, and a new number will be assigned to the user (in the country of their new office) but their license will remain the same.
Transferring users internationally is only possible if the two offices are on the same price level.

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