Add & Remove Team Members
    • 13 Oct 2023
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    Add & Remove Team Members

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    The content explains how to add and remove team members in Dialpad, a communication platform. To add a team member, go to Admin Settings, select Users, and choose Add User. You can manually enter an email address or add a user from Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 directory. After adding the user, they will receive a confirmation email to activate their Dialpad account. To remove a team member, go to Admin Settings, select Users, and choose the user you want to remove. Select Delete User and decide whether to keep or remove the license. Deleted users are placed in the Deleted Users tab for 72 hours before permanent deletion. During this grace period, their number cannot be reassigned. The content also mentions how to restore a deleted user within the 72-hour window. Additionally, it addresses some frequently asked questions about deleting users and accessing certain features during a free trial.

    Teams dynamics change, but fear not, adding and removing Dialpad team members is easy.

    Let's dive into the details of updating your team. 

    Who can use this feature
     Admins with an Ai Voice, Ai Sales, or Ai Contact Center license can add or remove team members.

    Add a team member

    To add a team member (a user), head to your Admin Settings from

    1. Navigate to Office
    2. Select Users 
    3. Select Add User 
    4. Add the user using one of these two methods then press Enter 
      • Manually enter an email address that belongs to the same domain
      • Add a user straight from your Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 directory
    5. Select Edit — here, you'll see a list of suggested numbers and unassigned numbers within your company
    6. Select the desired number, then select Add
    7. Confirm any billing changes and add the user(s)

    We'll send a confirmation email to your team members. Once they've verified their email addresses, they can activate their Dialpad accounts. 

    If they haven't accepted the invitation to join Dialpad, you'll see 'Pending' listed in the Account Details column.

    Select Options > Admin > Resend Invite to resend the invitation.

    Remove a team member

    To remove a team member, head to your Admin Settings at 

    1. Navigate to Office 
    2. Select Users
    3. Select Options beside the name of the user you would like to remove
    4. Select Admin
    5. Select Delete User

    You'll have the option to export their usage data in Dialpad before confirming the deletion.

    Upon deletion, you have the choice to keep the license (remember you will be billed for unused licenses) or to remove the license. 

    Dialpad offers a 72-hour grace period when you delete a user — when deleted, users are placed in the Deleted Users tab for 72 hours and their number is on hold.

    Users on a free trial will not see the Deleted Users tab — this feature is only available to users on Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans

    During the grace period, the number cannot be re-assigned. Select Permanently Delete at any time within 72 hours to delete the user and their data forever, and free up their number. 

    If the user never accepted their invitation and the account remains pending, the number and account will be permanently deleted immediately and cannot be restored.

    You can also delete a user by selecting the checkbox next to their name and clicking the trash can icon on top of the user list.

    Dialpad Tip:

    Removing a team member will not discontinue the license activated for them; if you'd like to remove a license, please visit this Help Center article.

    All deleted numbers will be reserved for future use. You can manage these under "Reserved Numbers." To learn more about managing a team in Dialpad, visit this Help Center article.

    Restore a user

    During the 72-hour window, you can reinstate the user and restore their number and data. Be mindful of the time, after 72 hours all data for the user will be permanently deleted.

    To restore a deleted user, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Office Settings
    2. Select Users
    3. Select the Deleted Users tab
    4. Select Options beside the user's name
    5. Select Restore 
    Users on a free trial will not see the Deleted Users tab — this feature is only available to users on Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

    Frequently asked questions 

    Can I delete the last remaining user from an office?

    If you have one office, you cannot delete the last remaining user. You can, however, delete the last remaining user from an office if there are multiple offices. Go to the list of users and select the checkbox alongside the user's name, then select Delete Users.

    It will not appear as an option in the drop-down, so you must use bulk actions despite there being one user.

    Why don't I see the Deleted Users tab?

    If you are on a free trial, you will not see this feature. Upgrade today to gain full access to the Dialpad platform!

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