Matching Dialpad Contacts & Logging Calls to Salesforce

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Dialpad's Salesforce integration allows you to log calls between Agents & their respective contacts to the company's connected Salesforce instance.

Let's take a look at how this works.

Automatic Contact Matching

As an Admin, you can set an order of preference to make it easier for Dialpad to resolve matches when there are multiple matching records in Salesforce. The salesforce object type that is set with the highest preference will be used to auto-identify the correct matching record & log the calls.

By default, Dialpad attempts to find matching records in Salesforce by using the contact’s name, phone number & email address. 

To configure Automatic Contact Matching, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to My Company Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Select Options beside Salseforce
  4. Select Manage Settings
  5. Select Auto-match with Dialpad Contact 


Resolve Person Accounts

Choose to resolve for Person accounts which means Dialpad will automatically disregard the duplicate contact record that comes with every person's account record for auto-matching.


Log Calls as Activities 

You can also choose whether Dialpad should log all calls to Salesforce without requiring an exact matching record in Salesforce. If you check the option “Log call only when exact match is identified in Salesforce”,  Dialpad will only log calls where a matching record has been identified in Salesforce for the contact. 


If the option is unchecked, then all calls will be logged to Salesforce. For calls that don't have a matching record in Salesforce for the contact, the corresponding call activity in Salesforce will not have any value in the attribute “Name”.

Click to Call Matching 

When the checkbox 'Always update Dialpad Contact name with Salesforce click-to-call' is checked, every call that is initiated via click-to-call will automatically match to the Salesforce entity where the call initiated from. This checkbox overrides other auto-match settings and can only be disabled by unchecking the box. 


Manual Contact Matching

Dialpad also supports Manual Search in Salesforce.

Logging Calls Retroactively 

Sometimes calls fail to log to Salesforce because there were no (or multiple) matching records found for the Dialpad contact. Worry not, any agent calls that failed to log into Salesforce can be retroactively matched to maintain an accurate history in the CRM system.

There is no extra setup needed to be able to match and log unlogged calls retroactively in Salesforce.

In your Dialpad App, navigate to the "Unlogged" tab in your call center or personal inbox.

  1. Select the call you'd like to log
  2. Select Connect
  3. Choose the desired contact 
  4. Select Connect and Log