Dialpad Ai + Salesforce
    • 28 Jun 2024
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    Dialpad Ai + Salesforce

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    Article summary

    Dialpad for Salesforce brings AI-powered workflows, powerful native calling, and real-time AI-powered customer intelligence to Salesforce so your team can focus on driving more sales and improving customer satisfaction.

    Let's dig into the details of how your favorite Dialpad Ai features integrate with Salesforce.

    Supported Ai fields

    No manual activity tracking — Dialpad does it for you. Amongst other things, Ai Recaps and Action Items are logged to your inbound and outbound calls, ensuring important follow-ups are not forgotten and additional meetings are scheduled when needed.  The call's Ai Outcome and Call Purpose tags are also logged to your calls, making it easy to find specific calls and clients. If you're using Ai CSAT, or Ai Playbooks, you'll also see the rep's adherence to your Ai Playbook, and the call's Ai CSAT score.

    Let's look at at which AI features are logged to, and supported in Salesforce. 

    Ai FieldField TypeDescription
    Ai SummaryRich Text (132, 072)The Ai Recap of the call, noted in a Rich Text format. 
    Ai Action ItemsRich Text (132, 072)The Action Items that were detected in the call, as generated in the Ai Recap. 
    Ai Outcome TextThe Ai-detected outcome of the call.
    Accessible in the Ai Recap object.
    Ai Call PurposeText The Ai-detected Call Purpose category assigned to the call.
    Accessible in the Ai Recap object.
    Ai Playbook Adherence Percentage Numeric value that describes the rep's adherence to the Ai Playbook
    Ai CSATNumber (1-5)The Ai-generated CSAT score. 

    Add Dialpad Ai Fields to Salesforce Tasks

    To add Dialpad Ai Fields to your Salesforce Tasks, head to Salesforce Lightning:

    1. Select Tasks
    2. Select a task containing a Dialpad call
    3. Select Setup
    4. Select Edit Page
    5. Enter Dialpad Ai in the Component Search 
    6. In the Custom - Managed section, select Dialpad Ai
    7. Drag and drop Dialpad Ai into the Task
    8. Select Save
    Ai Summaries and Action Items will not initially appear in your Tasks as their format (Rich Text) is not a traditionally supported Task field. They'll only appear in Tasks once the Dialpad Ai section has been added in the Lightning Editor.

    Call Tasks are created and stored in Salesforce, not Dialpad.  As Dialpad does not keep these records, we cannot backfill previous calls.

    Your existing task fields can be mapped to Ai Call Purpose, Ai CSAT, Ai Outcome, and Ai Playbook adherence.
    For more information on field mapping, be sure to review this Help Center article.

    Add Dialpad Ai Fields to Salesforce Objects

    If you're brand new to the Dialpad for Salesforce integration, there are no configuration steps required to use the Dialpad Ai Fields in your Salesforce Objects.

    However, if you started using the Dialpad for Salesforce integration before March 15, 2024, you will need to add the Dialpad Ai Fields to Salesforce. 

    To add the Ai Fields, head to Salesforce Lightning:

    1. Select Setup
    2. Select Object Manager
    3. Search Call log
    4.  Select Dialpad Call Log
    5.  Select Page Layout
    6.  Select Call Log Layout
    7. Select Add New Section
    8. Name the section Dialpad Ai
    9.  Search Ai
    10. Drag and drop the Dialpad Ai fields into the new Dialpad Ai section
    11. Select Save

    After saving the section, you'll be taken back to the Page Layout overview and will now see the Dialpad Ai section listed. 

    Select Save one more time to confirm.

    Check out our Help Center articles on field mapping and custom objects.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why don't I see the Dialpad Custom Object?

    If you don't see the Dialpad Custom Object, please reach out to Customer Support to have them enable it for you. 

    Are Quality Calls mapped to Salesforce?

    Yes! If Dialpad Ai classifies a call as a Quality Call, you'll see a checkmark in the Quality Call field.

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