Dialpad Meetings Control Basics

Dialpad Meetings offers a wide variety of settings and controls that you can customize while within a meeting.

Let's take a look at Dialpad Meeting's basic controls from within your meeting. 

Active Meeting bottom menu

From an active meeting, users can see the bottom toolbar containing organizer controls, chat, audio and mic settings, reactions and Ai meeting notes. 


The video feeds of all participants will show up on the screen when the user's cameras are active. When disabled, only the participant's initials will display. 

See the name and duration of the meeting, Meeting URL, and dial-in number from the Meeting Info section. When clicking on the dropdown arrow, you'll find not only the meeting's details, but also the capability to invite others via name, number, or email address.

Let's go over some other key features that are accessible from the Meeting's bottom toolbar.

  • Chat

View and send messages and images between all other meeting participants

  • Participants

See who's on the meeting; this list also allows you to view and search user profiles, unmute Participants, and remove Participants (as the Organizer)


  • Mute

Turn your microphone on or off

  • Video

Turn your camera on or off

  • Hang Up

Exit the meeting or, if you're the Organizer, choose to end the meeting for all Participants

  • Share your Screen

Share your screen with others on the meeting

  • Move to TV

Connect your Dialpad Meeting to any Dialpad Meetings enabled Room Camera. 

  • Change Device Settings

Select the camera, microphone, and speakers used for the meeting

  • Add Emoji Reply

Give feedback to the other meeting participants via emojis that will appear on the meeting in real time. 

  • Add Action Items

Gather and assign notes to keep track of next steps without interrupting the flow of conversation

  • Start Ai Transcript

Dialpad Ai takes notes and captures key moments, so you can stay focused on your meeting.

  • Picture in Picture

Brings the video feed out of the window so that you can view the meeting feed while on other windows. 

  • Change Layout

Change layout between Dynamic, Grid View, Filmstrip, and Spotlight during the meeting

  • Help

Connect with the Dialpad Meetings Support team to receive live chat support directly from within the meeting. 


Organizer controls 

Available only to the organizer, the organizer controls provide tighter control of the meeting with options such as recording, starting Dialpad Ai, muting or moderating participants, locking the meeting, and more.  

To access organizer controls, hover your mouse over the bottom of the active call display, and click 'Organizer Controls' 


By default, only the meeting organizer can moderate the meeting. However, if you would like your co-host to be able to access organizer controls, this is possible by updating your Dialpad Meetings settings, by toggling on "Allow co-hosts with access to organizer controls"




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