Configure Dialpad Meetings in Meeting Rooms
    • 29 May 2023
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    Configure Dialpad Meetings in Meeting Rooms

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    Article summary

    This article provides a recommended setup for adding Dialpad Meetings to a conference room. It suggests HD cameras and microphone speakers such as AVER 520, Jabra Speak 510, Yamaha YVC 300 and Yamaha YVC 1000. It also provides best practices for joining meetings in the conference room, such as joining via Chrome or the app, entering the organizer's meeting URL and ensuring that the conference room's camera and mic are selected on the Confirm Settings page. Lastly, it recommends security measures such as joining by meeting URL instead of logging in to ensure privacy.

    If you’re looking to add Dialpad Meetings to a conference room, here’s a recommended setup.

    What you’ll need:

    • TV
    • A computer end point (i.e. a Mac Mini, Chromebox, or laptop that remains in the room)
    • HD camera
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse 
    • Microphone speaker 

    Depending on the quality you’re looking for with cameras and speakers, here are some suggested devices:  

    • HD Camera
    • AVER 520
    • Microphone Speaker
    • Jabra Speak 510
    • Yamaha YVC - 300
    • Yamaha YVC - 1000

    Best Practices

    Joining a Meeting

    1. When joining a meeting in a conference room, we recommend joining via Chrome or the downloadable Dialpad Meetings app
    2. Enter the organizer’s meeting URL. 
    3. Enter how you would like to be identified on the call (i.e. your conference room’s name)
    4. Ensure the conference room’s camera and mic are selected on the Confirm Settings page (note that these selections should remain selected by default, as long as the conference room’s configuration doesn’t get changed between calls). 
    5. You’re in!   

    Security and Privacy

    To ensure the privacy and security of your team members, we recommend that users join by meeting URL instead of logging in. This is meant to prevent future meeting room attendees from being able to access their accounts.

    If you would prefer your conference room have a dedicated Dialpad Meetings account, that can be set up by creating a dedicated license. Remember to update the account’s recording and Dialpad Ai settings according to your preferences

    Example of a typical meeting hosted in a Dialpad Meetings room

    1. Jenny would like to organize a meeting with members from her New York office and with remote colleagues dialing in from Austin.  
    2. She sends out the calendar invite to her guests with a link to her Dialpad Meetings and books the meeting room. 
    3. When it’s time for the meeting, Jenny opens Chrome from the room’s TV and computer setup. 
    4. She enters her Dialpad Meetings URL in the browser and ensures the room’s speakers and camera are connected. 
    5. She also joins her Dialpad Meetings via her personal laptop in view only, so she can access the Organizer Controls screen share from her laptop.

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