Manage Your Team
    • 12 Sep 2023
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    Manage Your Team

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    The article explains how to manage a team in Dialpad Meetings. It covers the Team Overview, Team Settings, Active Accounts and Toll Free sections of the dashboard. The Team Overview section provides information on active accounts, pending invitations and available licenses. The Team Settings section allows for customization such as selecting hold music and uploading a custom logo. In the Active Accounts section an Admin can monitor names, email addresses, conference phone numbers etc., take action or export call history or account list as CSV files. Finally, Toll Free Upgrade/Downgrade/Delete options are also available.

    Managing your team is a piece of cake in Dialpad Meetings.

    Let’s look at how to customize your Meetings settings to set your team up for success.

    Who can use this feature
    To manage a team, you'll need a Dialpad Meetings Business license while serving as the Admin.

    Access Your Admin Controls

    From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, select Menu and navigate to the Team icon


    Here you will find information on your assigned and available licenses, team settings, active accounts, and more. 

    Team Overview

    In the Team Overview section, you'll get a glance at active accounts, pending invitations, and available licenses. You can also select Assign Licenses or Purchase Licenses to build out your team, organizing local or toll-free lines to use.


    Team Settings

    Looking to have a little more control over your team and its conferences? Welcome to the Team Settings section. From selecting hold music to uploading a custom logo, this is the place to do it.


    To learn more about Team Settings in Dialpad Meetings, visit our handy Help Center article FAQ.

    Active Accounts

    Use the Active Accounts section to view a list of all team members who've accepted invitations and team members for whom you've successfully created accounts.

    From here, an Admin can use the Active Accounts section to:

    • Monitor names, email addresses, conference phone numbers, phone types, and PINs
    • Take action
      • Send Account Info
      • Export Call History
      • Toll-Free Upgrade
      • Downgrade
      • Delete
      • Give Analytics Access
      • Make Admin

    If you choose to export call history for a specific user, the CSV file will include start and end times for conferences, their durations, Participants, and chat history. It will also include links to recordings; however, recordings are no longer accessible if the user's account is ever deleted. So we recommend the user enables 'Anyone With a Link Can Access Recordings' in their personal settings and that Admins download recordings before deleting any user accounts.

    You can also export an account list as a CSV file to easily see a list of all users and their information in Dialpad Meetings.

    Admins can only remove or delete users that have matching domains to their account with the exception of the following:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

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