Dialpad + Zoho CRM

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Let's take a look at the Zoho integration in Dialpad.


Enabling the integration

Before you can enable the integration, make sure that your Users have individual access to a Zoho CRM account.

From there, follow the steps below to setup the Zoho integration for your company

1. Navigate to the Company Integrations settings page on the Dialpad Admin portal. 


2. After selecting the Options hyperlink for Zoho, click on Configure. Then, click on Edit in Company Presets.


3. Turn on the Enable This Feature switch in Enablement, then check the Log Calls as Activities checkbox inside Call Logging. Select your region from the dropdown menu.


4. Indicate whether you want new callers to be labeled as leads or contacts in Zoho CRM by selecting the desired option in the Create Leads/Contacts dropdown menu.


5.  Save the settings by clicking the Save button in the top right corner. A new page will load after you've saved the setting. Click on the Back hyperlink to return to the main integrations page.

6. After completing the above steps, all users will see a Zoho section in the right-hand sidebar of the Dialpad app with an option to Connect Zoho when they open any Dialpad contact.


Individual Dialpad users will have to click on the Connect Zoho hyperlink and log into Zoho with their respective credentials.


7. After logging in, you'll be asked to click on “Accept” to allow Dialpad to communicate with your Zoho CRM application.


8. Once authentication is complete, you'll see matching records from Zoho CRM in Dialpad. Just look for the Zoho section in the right-hand sidebar of your Dialpad application. 

Using the integration

Matching Dialpad contacts to Zoho CRM records


Dialpad searches for matching contacts, leads, accounts, and vendors in Zoho CRM using the Dialpad contact’s name, primary email, and primary phone number. 

For the matched contact, the Dialpad sidebar shows related information like open deals and open activities from Zoho CRM.

Clicking on View Contact will open up the contact's details page in Zoho CRM.

Matching Dialpad contacts to Zoho CRM records


If multiple matches are found in Zoho CRM, you'll be notified in the Zoho section of your sidebar. You can then select a match from the list. 

You can unmatch a Zoho record from a Dialpad contact by clicking on the Wrong Match? hyperlink.

Creating a new Zoho CRM record from Dialpad

To create a new Zoho CRM record from Dialpad, click on the Create Contact or Create Lead hyperlink to make a record in Zoho CRM.  (You'll see either a Create Contact or Create Lead hyperlink based on what your company or office admin has configured in the Zoho integration settings.) 

The option of creating a contact or lead and logging a call to that record is available only during an active call with that caller. This ensures that the call doesn’t remain unlogged in Zoho CRM.


Logging calls to Zoho CRM

After a Zoho CRM record has been matched against a Dialpad contact, calls to/from that contact will automatically be logged to the matched Zoho record. 

Agents can also save the subject and call description in the call activity that gets created in Zoho. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dialpad identify matching records from Zoho CRM?

Dialpad uses the name, primary email address, and primary phone number of the contact and matches it against Zoho records. Information is matched against the details stored in the Name, Email, Phone, and Mobile fields in Zoho CRM for all records. to identify the ones matching the Dialpad contact. If there are multiple matching records, you'll see them in the right-hand sidebar of the Dialpad app.

My Dialpad contact exists in Zoho CRM with the same phone number. Why is Dialpad not identifying it as a match?

Check to see if the phone number is entered in Zoho using the standard Phone and Mobile field. The Dialpad integration does not support phone numbers captured in Zoho custom fields.

I am based in Canada, but the integration doesn't allow me to select anything other than “United States” in the region settings. Can I use the integration?

Yes — Canada is a supported region. The “United States” option covers all regions in North America.