Customize Your Call Center Dashboard

Use Dialpad's built-in dashboard to display information from Call Centers in your organization.

It offers a real-time glance at categories such as the number of calls on hold, longest wait time, average speed to answer, service level, and average call duration.

Let's dive into the details of your dashboard.

Who can use this feature?

Wallboards are available to Dialpad Sell and Dialpad Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

View Call Center Dashboard

To view your Call Center dashboard, head to and navigate to Call Centers.

Select All Call Centers to see an overview of all your Call Centers.

Here, you'll view real-time Information on the following data:

  • Live queue
  • Current longest wait time
  • Live available agents
  • Live inbound connected calls
  • Live outbound connected calls 

Customize Dashboard

Customize your dashboard to display the exact information you need and nothing extra.

Dialpad offers the following ways to to configure your data:

  • Filter by call center(s)
  • Filter by time 
  • Filter by column(s)

Filter by Call Center(s)

Display all Call Centers at the same time, view a single call center, or focus on a specific set of call centers. 

Select the drop down menu beside Call Centers and  check the box beside which Call Centers to add to the wallboard. You can also remove Call Centers using the same drop-down and unchecking the boxes.

Once you've made the appropriate changes, select Apply and the dashboard will update instantly.


Filter by Column(s)

Monitor specific data points, agents or call centers using Dialpad's column category filter. 

Select the Columns drop-down menu and choose which columns to add to the dashboard. Your dashboard can be filtered by the following key points:

  • Call Center Name
  • Abbreviated Name
  • Longest Wait Time
  • Queued Calls 
  • # of Agents Available
  • # of Agents in Wrap Up
  • # of Agents on a Call 
  • # of Inbound Calls Answered
  • # of Inbound Calls Abandoned
  • # of Inbound Calls Missed
  • # of Voicemails Received
  • # of Outbound Calls Connected
  • # of Outbound Calls Cancelled
  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA)
  • Service Level
  • Average Call Duration (ACD)
  • Link to Dashboard

Once you've made the appropriate changes, select Apply and the dashboard will instantly update.


Filter by Timeframe

Determine the timeframe that you want your dashboard to display. You can choose the entire day, the last 8 hours, the last 4 hours, the last 2 hours, the previous hour, all day or the current hour.

Change the timeframe by clicking the drop-down arrow beside the current display period. Select your new timeframe, and the dashboard will instantly update. 


Full Screen View

Dialpad's built-in dashboard includes a full-screen option, which can easily be projected onto a large monitor in a physical, in-person setting.

Select the 'Full Screen View' button and the dashboard will fill your entire screen.

Call Center Alerts

Call Center alerts also appear on your dashboard, allowing you to keep tabs on your high risk stats in a quick glance. You'll recognize them when cells and rows turn red.



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