Contact Center Weekly Email Summary
  • 22 Jun 2023
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Contact Center Weekly Email Summary

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Article Summary

Stay up to date and take action on Contact Center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with a short email summary to admins and supervisors.

Let's go over some common questions regarding the weekly email summary.

When is the weekly email summary sent?

It is sent at the start of each week, with the previous week's metrics.

How are the percentages calculated?

All percent change comparisons in your Weekly email are made against a 12 week rolling average in order for you to discern a true anomaly vs weekly noise.

What are the insights highlighted at the top of the email?

We’re all busy and a weekly email can be great but it takes time to process all the data and determine the best immediate action. On weeks where KPIs are far outside of their norm, up to three insights are given to help you take action on what’s important. 

When all your KPIs are within their normal fluctuation, the email doesn’t show you insights to cut down on the noise and draw attention to weeks with important updates.

Do I need to opt in to receive the email?

The email is automatically sent to those marked Contact Center Administrators and Supervisors, and a separate email will be sent for each Contact Center. Office Admins will not automatically receive these emails unless they are specifically made an Administrator of each Contact Center.

You can change someone's role by clicking on Options in the Agents & Admins section of each Contact Center:


What if I don't want to receive these emails?

Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom! You'll not receive it in the future.


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