Manage an Office

Company and Office Admins can access settings that extend across all users in the Office, ranging from caller ID and desk phones to Dialpad Ai and call recording.

From, navigate to Admin Settings Office and choose the Office to see settings for.

Office Info


Set your Office's name, which will then appear across Dialpad for all team members to see.

Office Administrators


Office Administrators are able to access all Office settings, but only Company Admins can add or remove Office Admin permissions here. It displays a list of users who are currently serving as Office Admins.

Office-Wide Settings

Dialpad Ai


Turn on the option for team members in the Office to transcribe their calls.

Making Calls


Turn on the options for team members to record their calls and to transfer their calls outside of the organization or internationally.

You'll also see an option to prevent users in this Office from deleting personal calls, recordings, voicemails, transcripts, and other call-related data. If the checkbox is filled, users are able to delete data at their discretion.

Caller ID


Turn on the options for team members to use the Office number (Main Line) as caller ID and to hide their caller ID (appearing as "unknown").

Desk Phones


Turn on the options for team members to self-provision desk phones and to let team members log into any Company desk phone as a guest. You can also set a logo to appear on desk phones.

Powerdialer Wrap-Up Time


Turn on a post-call wrap-up time that delays when an Agent can take their next call.

Office Holidays


Set Office holidays in addition to any that Dialpad includes by default for the Office's home country.

Select Create New Holiday, then define the name, date, and if the holiday repeats; holiday routing rules take effect for any holidays observed.



Set Executive-Assistant pairings in the Office; team members can also do this on their own in their personal settings.



Set failovers to determines the numbers to forward calls to during a Dialpad service outage. You can configure, remove, and test failovers for the Office.

Registered Location for Emergency Calls


Set an E911 location for the entire Office, which will also be the default address for all team members added; team members can, however, change this for their Dialpad profile.

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