Send & Receive a Shared Line Message

You can send and receive messages from Shared Lines such as a Main Line, Department, or Call Center.

Let's take a closer look at how to manage messages across Shared Lines.

Send a Message


From the Dialpad app, select the drop-down button next to Make a Call and choose Send a Message.

Select the drop-down next to New Message From. You'll see an entire list of Shared Lines that you can access and use as a number to send messages from.

Choose a Shared Line, then enter a contact's name or number and start typing a message; recipients will see the Shared Line's name and number.

Receive a Message


From the Dialpad app, navigate to the appropriate Shared Line and select New.

Choose the received message in your list of incoming notifications, and the conversation thread view will open.

You'll also see the number of notifications listed alongside the Shared Line's name in the sidebar of the Dialpad app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I send SMS or MMS to toll-free lines?

No. Currently, we support:

  • SMS/MMS texts to local numbers assigned to Mainlines, Departments or Call Centers

If you try to send a message from your toll-free number, we'll revert to using the available local line instead. If that's not available (meaning you didn't add a local # to your Department or Call Center), we'll default to using your Main Line.

I sent a message to a contact from my Department / Call Center, but it's displaying as my Main Line, what gives?

If you didn't add a local number to your Department or Call Center, Dialpad will default to using your Main Line as the outbound ID.

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