Custom Off Duty Status

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Creating Custom Statuses

To create, edit or delete a custom off-duty status, you'll need to be an Office Admin.

To create a custom off-duty status, head to your Admin Settings from

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Navigate to Contact Center Off Duty Statuses
  3. Select Create New Status create
  4. Enter the name of the status
  5. Select Save


Using Custom Statuses

Contact Center Agents can use custom statuses to ensure their supervisors understand why they are stepping away from their desk. 

From the Dialpad app:

  1. Navigate to Ai Contact Centers
  2. Click the drop-down availability menu
  3. Select the custom off-duty status

That's it! Your Contact Center availability status will change to off duty.


Supervisors can see an overview of their Agent's statuses from the Agents tab of their Contact Center. 


Agent Status Analytics

Contact Center Admins are able to access analytics for their Office and Contact Centers.

From, navigate to Analytics

  1. Filter to include a Contact Center
  2. Select the Agent Status tab

Here, you'll see an overview of Agent Status analytics within a specified period of time.


It will display hours available and time on a call across the entire Contact Center.

To see a leaderboard between Agents, scroll to the bottom. Here, the metrics are hours available, time off duty, time on a call, and time in wrap-up.