Assign Operators to Departments

Assign an Operator


From, navigate to Admin Settings Departments > Assigned Operators & Phones.

Select Add people from your team and enter a user's name or email address. You'll then add them as an Operator to that Department; up to 25 Operators can be assigned per Department.

You can also make an assigned Operator a Department Admin by selecting OptionsAdd Admin Privileges.

Assign an Operator to Multiple Departments


From, navigate to Admin Settings Office Users.

Choose the user and select Options GroupsMake Department Operator. You'll see a full list of Departments that this user can be assigned as an Operator.

Select the Departments, then Close to save any changes. You can also use this method to remove an Operator from multiple Departments at the same time.

Ring Connected Devices


Operators should ensure calls ring connected devices.

From, the Operator will go to Your SettingsYour Devices and select the 'Ring This Device' checkbox.

Calls are able to ring Dialpad on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, desk phones, room phones, and forwarding numbers.

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