Assign Operators to Departments

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Assign an Operator

To assign an operator, first head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Navigate to Departments
  2. Select Assigned Operators & Phones
  3. Select Add people from your team
  4. Enter a user's name or email address


Assign an Operator to Multiple Departments

Need to assign an operator to 2 (or 10!) departments? No problem. 

Head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Office
  2. Select Users
  3. Choose the user and select Options
  4. Select Groups
  5. Select Make Dept Operator
  6. Check the boxes beside each department you'd like to make them an operator
  7. Select Close to save the changes

Just like that, your agent is now an operator for multiple departments.

You can also use this method to remove an Operator from multiple Departments at the same time (just uncheck the boxes).

Ring Connected Devices

Calls are able to ring Dialpad on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, desk phones, room phones, and forwarding numbers — Operators must ensure calls ring to their connected devices. 

To manage which devices will be run, head to Your Settings at

  1. Navigate to Your Devices
  2. Select the 'Ring This Device' checkbox beside each device you would like to ring







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