Customize Your Caller ID

Caller ID - it's hard to imagine phone calls without it!

By default, your outbound caller ID is set to your primary, direct Dialpad number. That doesn't mean you can't tweak it for one-off calls, or even globally. Admins can, however, limit certain caller ID features office-wide.

First, let's take a look at how to adjust your caller ID for individual calls.

Set Your Global Caller ID

Unify caller ID across all your devices by setting global caller ID from Dialpad's web portal.

From, navigate to Your Settings  and select Caller ID and choose a number in the drop-down.


Here's what to remember when setting global caller ID:

  • Only applies to outbound calls
  • Only applies to external calls
  • Doesn't apply to SMS
  • Doesn't take the place of handling calls as an Operator or Agent; therefore, Department or Call Center settings (such as automatic call recording) don't apply
  • Displays across all devices (desktop, mobile, desk phone, etc.)

You may need to refresh your web browser for the changes to take effect, and now the global caller ID will be the default choice across all your device.


Adjust Your Caller ID

Your Caller ID can be adjusted in two places, the Main Dialer, and in the Conversation Thread. 

Main Dialer

To adjust your Caller ID from your main dialer, head to your Dialpad app. 

  1. Select Make a CallNew Call From
  2. Choose a number in the drop-down.

dp-caller-id-secondary-numbers.gifYou'll need to be an Operator of a Department or Main Line, an Agent of a Call Center, or an Executive Assistant to place outbound calls using a Shared Line's primary and secondary numbers.

Enter the number or contact you'd like to call, then select the Phone icon to start dialing.

Conversation Thread View

Caller ID can also be customized in the conversation thread view. 

From the conversation thread view in the Dialpad app, select the Drop-Down icon alongside the Phone icon and choose a number in the drop-down.


Block Your Caller ID

There may be a time when you need to block your caller ID.

From the conversation thread view in the Dialpad app, select the Drop-Down icon alongside the Phone icon and choose Block my caller ID (Calling Only).

Call history will remain under the contact; further, remember that this feature is only reflected on contacts outside of your Company.



If you'd like to block caller ID for all calls regardless of device, you can do so through global caller ID (see 'Set Your Global Caller ID' section in this Help Center article).

Set Incoming Caller ID

Incoming caller ID distinguishes personal calls from Dialpad calls.

From, navigate to Your Settings Your DevicesAdvanced Settings.

You'll then get to choose between these options:

  • Calls to your personal Dialpad number
    • Display the caller's number OR
    • Display your Dialpad number
  • Calls to your Departments / Office Main Line
    • Display the caller's number OR
    • Display the Department number
  • Calls to your executives
    • Display the caller's number OR
    • Display executive number

It will then adjust accordingly on forwarding devices.


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