Dialpad for Salesforce FAQs

I have Salesforce on Sandbox—does the integration work with that?

Yes, you're able to connect Dialpad accounts to a Salesforce sandbox instance.

Can I log calls placed from a Shared Line (Department, Main Line, or Call Center)?

Yes! We currently log calls from shared lines like your Department or a Call Center.

Why can't I log a note with my contact?

Chances are this is an issue with your Salesforce Instance. Have your Salesforce Admin follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Salesforce Object Configuration
  • Find the Task Object and uncheck the requirement 

Notes still not logging? Reach out to our support team directly.

Are canceled calls logged in Salesforce?

Yes. However, calls made and canceled within 5 seconds will not be logged in Salesforce. Calls made and canceled after 5 seconds will be logged as a "Canceled Call". 

Are missed calls without voicemails logged to Salesforce?

No, missed calls without voicemails are not logged to Salesforce.

Do calls through the Dialpad chrome extension also create logs in Salesforce?

Yes - if you have the Dialpad Chrome extension enabled, it'll hyperlink any phone number within the Salesforce interface.

When the call is made through the Dialpad desktop app, assuming that you have already authenticated Salesforce, it'll find the correct record and record the call. 

Note: Cases where you have multiple matches, you must select a record beforehand in order for the call log to be recorded.

Which Salesforce editions are compatible with this integration?

Enterprise and Unlimited, as well as editions that have API access.

Additionally, automatic call logging is subject to your instances API call limits. As a Salesforce Admin you can go to Setup>Monitor>System Overview to verify current API call limits. 

Why is the info in my contact's profile not updating immediately?

There will be times where the info displayed might not be updated automatically. In these cases, you can click the Salesforce logo to manually re-fetch the most up to date data.

Why aren't logged calls appearing under Activity History, or certain columns are missing?

This may be due to your Salesforce configuration. Our integration uses standard field types:

  • Call Duration (seconds)
  • Call Type (inbound/outbound)

You'll need to ensure that Activity History and Tasks are visible on the Lead, Contact, and Accounts records. Some fields are not logged with our integration, e.g. "Type". 

How do I create a report in Salesforce to see my team's call logs?

We suggest creating an Activities with Contacts report (click to view larger size).

Here's an example of the fields we suggest using (click on the image to view a larger size):

Why is the 'Total Number of Times Dialed' showing 0?

'Total Number of Times Dialed' is only logged if you are using our Powerdialer feature. We cannot prevent logging that section for non-Powerdialer calls, so it will default to 0.

Does 'Times Dialed' automatically increase by 1 every day or do we need to manually reset every day?

The 'Times Dialed' parameter is not automatically incremented every day. The purpose of the 'Times Dialed' parameter is to limit the number of times an individual record gets dialed. That means if the times dialed parameter is set to 5, and there are 5 records to be dialed, then each record will be dialed 5 times, and depending on the user's choice, the dialing can happen in a single day or can happen across multiple days. We use the parameter 'Call Threshold Time' (under Setup Manager > Settings > Powerdialer General Setting) to govern the amount of time gap between 2 consecutive attempts to powerdial a record from the list.

Does the number of 'Times Dialed' change if a user moves off a list and onto a new list?

No. The 'Times Dialed' parameter is not applied to the list itself, but to the list's individual records. When any record is dynamically added to the list, the record is considered a new record that has not been dialed at all. The new record will then be dialed as per the 'Times Dialed' parameter value, irrespective of how many times the other records of the list have already been dialed.

Can I disable logging an Ai Call Summary to Salesforce?

Not at this time. If Ai is enabled, the Call Summary will log to Salesforce. If you do not want a Call Summary to log to Salesforce, you will need to disable Ai.

Can I share lists with multiple agents?

Absolutely. A list can be assigned to multiple agents, or to a call center, ensuring all agents in the call center are able to access the list's records.  

Do I have to initiate the call when I'm using Power Dialer?

Nope! In Power Dialer mode, records are dialed one-by-one automatically.

Is there built-in recognition of time zones?

Dialpad uses the Salesforce system time zone. We do not ask users to provision their time zone.

How do we remove users from the list if they should not be called for a specific day?

Use the 'Follow-Up Date/Time' filter to remove a user from a call list on a specific day. Create a dynamic list with the 'Follow-Up Date/Time' filter set to TODAY (the value will change depending on your requirement). This means any record that has a 'Follow-Up Date/Time' field set to today will be added to the list. For any record that you don't want to be dialed on a specific day, then changing the record's follow-up date will remove the record from the list and the record will not be dialed on that specific day.

Salesforce information is not loading for a contact, why?

If you are seeing the following message in your Dialpad app, check with your Salesforce admin to enable the Salesforce API.


Refer to the following Salesforce article for more information: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=admin_userperms.htm&type=5 

Salesforce Errors

Customers might see the salesforce errors like the following, in which case they should go to the related Salesforce document for solutions.

  1. Error Message: Session expired or invalid. Solution: 
  2. Error Message: Salesforce API request limit has been exceeded. Solution: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000315030&type=1&mode=1
  3. Error Message: Salesforce API is disabled for this user. Solution: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=admin_userperms.htm&type=5 
  4. Error Message: Salesforce API access is disabled. The solution could be one of the following based on their Salesforce account:
    1. The REST API is NOT exposed to Salesforce Professional Edition: 
    2. For Editions (Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer) that has access to REST API. Refer to: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=9060G000000MPteQAG
    3. If you are a Salesforce Professional Edition, it is suggested that you contact Salesforce support to enable API.


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