Mobile Preferences

HD Calling (VoIP)

With HD Calling, a.k.a. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), inbound and outbound calls happen over the internet instead of through your carrier.

Benefits of HD Calling:

  • Lower cost/save on minutes
  • WiFi calling when cell reception is spotty
  • Free international calling to other Dialpad users
  • Full access to call controls (hold, transfer, record, etc.)

HD Calling Options


  • Enable HD Call (inbound/outbound): All inbound and outbound calls will use HD Calling. Requires a stable WiFi or data connection.

  • Disable HD Calling (inbound/outbound): Receive and make all calls using your carrier network. 

  • Choose before each Call

Note: While we're excited to offer HD Calling to our mobile customers, keep in mind that the feature is still in beta. 

If you disable HD Calling, consider enabling our forwarding prompt to keep Dialpad voicemails within Dialpad.

Need a little more clarity between HD Calling, Cell Data, and Cell Minutes? Click here.


If you'd prefer, you can elect to have your inbound and outbound calls handled through your telephone carrier (must have carrier service). Be sure to make this adjustment in your Settings by selecting Disable HD Calling for both inbound and outbound calls. 

When you receive a call through your carrier network, your native dialer call screen will appear and will display your caller's number. 

In order to keep Dialpad voicemails within Dialpad and not your personal device, you'll need to enable our forwarding prompt.

Switch Between HD and Carrier

On an HD call but heading outside of WiFi range? Tap the carrier icon on your active call screen to switch to your carrier network (requires carrier service). 


We'll initiate a call from your native dialer, which will automatically connect. The best part? Your caller won't notice a thing. Talk about seamless. 

Forwarding Prompt

Mobile device picking up voicemails before Dialpad? If you've disabled inbound HD Calling, you can still have your Dialpad calls routed to your Dialpad Inbox. Here's how:

  • Navigate to>Your Devices>Forwarding Number>Advanced Settings
  • Check Answer Forwarded Calls

When an incoming Dialpad call reaches your device's voicemail, Dialpad will play a "Press 1 Prompt". Since your voicemail won't press 1, Dialpad pushes the voicemail to your Dialpad Inbox. 

Checking this option will also ensure that any declined Dialpad calls end up in your Dialpad voicemail rather than your personal device. Keep in mind that if you answer a call, you'll still need to Press 1.

Dialpad Tip: If you prefer, our support team can extend the ring duration of your mobile device. An extended ring duration would curb your mobile device's voicemail from picking up Dialpad voicemails. 

Switch Devices

With Dialpad, the days of being chained to your desk to make a call are ancient history. With just one click, you can switch a call from your desktop app to your mobile device.

Let's say you place a call on your desktop app but need to step out for the day. Open the mobile app, tap on your active call and then Switch to This Device.