Admin Types in Dialpad

As your Company's Administrator, you have the power. Manage your team, create Departments, set up multiple offices: you can do it all. 

Dialpad offers the following types of Administrator statuses: 

  • Company Administrator
  • Office/Regional Administrator
  • Department/Call Queue Administrator

Company Administrator

As the first person to sign up your Company, you're automatically made the Company Administrator.

If your plan allows it, you can contact our sales team to add additional Offices. Afterward, you can add Office Administrator privileges to your team members.

Office/Regional Administrator

A Company Administrator can assign any individual user to become an Office Administrator.

In cases where multiple offices are being managed across Dialpad, a Company Administrator can assign a user as a specific Regional Administrator (i.e. manager of more than one Office).

Department/Call Queue Administrator

A Company or Office Administrator can assign any individual user to become a Department/Call Queue Administrator.

Call Queues are available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Dialpad Tip: Administrators can add Administrator Privileges to as many individual users as they like.