Manage an Office
    • 23 Feb 2024
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    Manage an Office

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    The content explains how to configure office settings on Users can access office settings through Admin Settings and navigate to Office Settings. They can edit the office name, add or remove office administrators, and enable Dialpad Ai for the entire office. Other settings include allowing call recording, transferring calls outside the organization, managing caller ID, using companion mode for third-party applications, self-provisioning desk phones, setting wrap-up time between calls, sending help messages in response to customer inquiries, setting office holidays and emergency call locations, and managing call disposition lists, contact center administrator settings, off-duty statuses, and surveys. Local presence allows users to select phone numbers with matching or neighboring area codes for calls.

    Configure your office, your way. Set settings such as caller ID or call recording extend across all users in an office.

    Let's dive into the details of managing an office.

    Who can use this feature
    Company and office admins can access and manage office settings.

    Only company admins can add or remove office admin permissions.

    Access office settings

    To access your office settings, head to and navigate to Admin Settings.

    1. Navigate to Office 
    2. Select Office Settings

    Office settings can also be accessed quickly from 

    Office info

    View and edit your office name under the Office Info.

    Type the desired name in the open text field and press enter to save — this name will appear across Dialpad for all team members to see. 

    Office administrators

    The office administrators section displays a list of current users with office admins permissions.

    Office admins can access all office settings, but only company admins can add or remove office admin permissions.

    To add a new office admin, simply enter the user's name in the "+ Add people from your team" text box and hit enter.


    To remove an office admin, select the menu beside the user's name and click Remove.


    Office-wide settings: Dialpad Ai

    Enable Dialpad Ai for your entire office, giving them access to transcripts, custom moments, action items, and more. 

    Simply check the box under Dialpad Ai.

    Office-wide settings: Making calls

    Enable team members to record their calls, and to transfer calls outside of the organization or even internationally.

    You'll also see an option to prevent users in this office from deleting personal calls, recordings, voicemails, transcripts, and other call-related data. If the checkbox is filled, users are able to delete data at their discretion.

    If the Stop automatic call recordings after warm transfers option is enabled, automatic call recording will end once a call has been warm transferred to another agent, meaning only the first leg of the call will be recorded. 

    Office-wide settings: Caller ID

    Enable team members to use the office number (main line) as their caller ID, or allow users to hide their caller ID (appearing as "unknown") in the Caller ID section.

    Office-wide settings: Companion mode

    Companion Mode lets users experience the benefits of Dialpad Everywhere, even when using the Dialpad calling service from a third-party application.

    Companion mode should only be used when taking and receiving Dialpad calls from a client that is not the Dialpad app, such as Microsoft Teams.

    Office-wide settings: Desk phones

    Turn on the options for team members to self-provision desk phones and to let team members log into any company desk phone as a guest. You can also set a logo to appear on desk phones (don't worry, this can be changed at any time).

    Office-wide settings: Powerdialer wrap-up time

    Enable a customizable wrap-up time that sets a delay between when agents receive their next call using the Powerdialer.

    Office-wide settings: Help message

    Help messages are sent after a customer responds with "HELP" to an SMS. This response should present a clear way for your customer to get information about you.

    HELP messages typically include the business name and description, contact information, fees and details on how to opt out.

    Office holidays

    Set Office holidays in addition to any that Dialpad includes by default for the office's home country.

    Select Create New Holiday, then define the name, date, and if the holiday repeats; holiday routing rules take effect for any holidays observed.


    Set Executive-Assistant pairings in the Office and edit their permissions at any time. Team members can also do this on their own in their personal settings.

    Registered location for emergency calls

    Set an E911 location for the entire office, which will also be the default address for all team members. Team members can also change this in their Dialpad profile.

    Call disposition lists

    When enabled, this feature asks agents to select a call disposition and log notes at the end of every call. Call dispositions are selected from one of these pre-populated lists that is assigned to the contact center or coaching group.

    Contact center administrator settings

    Enable or disable the ability for your contact center admins and supervisors to update agent's global status.

    Contact center off-duty status

    Allow agents to choose from a list of Off Duty statuses, for example: Lunch, Break, etc.

    Create new statuses and edit/remove existing statuses at any time.

    Contact center surveys

    Get customer satisfaction (CSAT) insights by surveying your customers after the end of the call.

    Create new surveys, or edit/remove existing surveys at any time.

    Local presence

    When purchased and applied to a contact center, Local Presence automatically selects a phone number with a matching or neighboring area code to call from, based on the area code you are calling.

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