Make a Call

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Dialpad gives you several ways to make a call — from the main dialer, search, or chat.

If you're looking to make a call from another type of device, visit our Help Center articles on iOS, Android, and desk phones.

Let's take a look at all the ways you can make a call in Dialpad's desktop app.

Place a Call

To place a call, select the Phone icon in the top-left corner.

Enter a contact's name or phone number, then select the Phone icon to start dialing.

If you'd like to change your caller ID, select Change before dialing the number.

To place a call from search, select Search and enter a name, email address, company name, Dialpad number, or regular number and click the phone icon. 

If you're searching by name, the contact will either need to be a member of your team, a saved contact, or a synced contact.

In the case of duplicate names, hover over the Contact icon to view associated information such as:

  • Job description
  • Company name
  • Email address

Call from Chat

To place a call from a chat, select the Phone icon. Dialpad will then dial the contact immediately.

You're still able to message each other and reference your conversation thread during an active call by selecting View Conversation.