IVR Workflow FAQs
    • 12 Jan 2024
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    IVR Workflow FAQs

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    This content provides answers to common questions about IVR (Interactive Voice Response) workflows in Dialpad. It states that while IVR workflows are not directly HIPAA and PCI compliant, a compliant solution can be created by using complementary technologies like Digital Deflect. The maximum number of steps allowed in an IVR menu is 70, but for easier management, it is recommended to divide larger applications into separate functional workflows. Administrators have full access to all IVR workflows but can only delete them if they have no entry points. IVR Workflows must be enabled by Dialpad at the company level, and self-enablement is currently available only for North American companies. Only one IVR workflow can be assigned at a time, but multiple workflows can be called based on conditions. Analytics for IVR workflow performance are available for phone numbers and routing, with call flow analytics coming soon. Additional IVR functionality is being developed, including features like dial by name/number and speech recognition. When a call fails, the caller is transferred to voicemail unless a fallback option is set. Only Office and Company Admins can configure IVR workflows, and changes need to be published to go live. Standard IVR workflows are included in the Dialpad plan, but advanced features require an additional professional services investment.

    Questions about IVR workflows? Don't worry, we've got you covered. From basics to pro tips, lets go over common questions about Dialpad's IVR Workflows.

    Are IVR Workflows HIPAA and PCI compliant?

    Not directly. However, a fully compliant solution can be created by leveraging complementary technologies like Digital Deflect to handle PCI / HIPAA-dependent sessions.

    Is there a maximum number of steps we can use in an IVR menu?

    Yes, the maximum number of steps is 70.
    For easier management of larger use cases, we do suggest dividing up your application into separate functional workflows and using the 
    Go-To step to reference other functional areas.

    Can Admins edit and delete any IVR workflows, or only the ones they create?

    Administrators have full access to all IVR workflows created for their company. However, an IVR workflow can only be deleted when it has no entry points.

    Why don't I see the option for IVR Workflows?

    IVR Workflows must first be enabled by Dialpad at the company level. Self-enablement is currently available only for North American companies; please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact Support to turn on this feature if you don't see the self-enablement option.

    Can more than IVR workflow be assigned to a single Office, Contact Center or Department?

    You can only apply one IVR workflow at a time. However, you can call multiple IVR workflows based on your workflow conditions (ex, using the Go To option).

    You can also choose a different IVR for your open and closed routing options. 

    Are there any analytics for IVR workflow performance?

    Phone number and routing analytics are available now, call flow analytics are coming soon. 

    Will you be adding more IVR functionality?

    Yes! Stay tuned, our engineers are busy working on the following enhancements:

    • Dial by name / Dial by number 
    • Speech recognition
    • Text-To-Speech (this is currently available in expert only)
    • Call Journey analytics

    What happens when a call fails?

    When a call fails, the caller is transferred to the default setting, which is voicemail. 

    You can set a fallback option for each IVR step to control where callers will be sent in case of a call failure. 

    Why don’t I see the IVR Workflows menu on my Office Settings?

    Only Office and Company Admins can configure IVR Workflows.

    Why aren't my changes live? 

    When editing an IVR workflow, you must press Publish to push changes live.

    Save allows you to work on an IVR flow and save the changes without activating them. This is especially useful if you would like a colleague to take a look at the updated flow.

    Is there a cost for IVR Workflows?

    Standard IVR Workflows are included in your Dialpad plan. If you need Expert Mode for advanced API calls, CRM integrations, notifications, and other extended features, an additional professional services investment is required. Contact your CSM or our Sales team for more information.

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