Extensions FAQs
    • 04 Oct 2023
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    Extensions FAQs

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    Extensions are a feature that ensures callers are directed to the correct person. They can be set up for individual users, room phones, and shared lines. Users can dial extensions from various devices such as desktop apps, Obihai, Polycom, or mobile apps. Extension numbers can be found in user settings under profiles and can only be changed by company or office admins. Outside callers can reach team members via extension by selecting "Dial by Extension" from the automated response menu. If the length of extensions changes, currently assigned extensions will be wiped and need to be reassigned. Extensions can be added to room phones and departments or call centers, but a number must be assigned first. Adding a new extension does not count as a new user, but users must already exist to assign them an extension. Removing DIDs and allowing only extensions is only available for certain users on specific plans.

    Extensions ensure that callers are directed to the right person every time. They can be configured for individual users, room phones, and shared lines.

    Let's go over some common questions.

    How do I use extension dialing within my company?

    You can dial your team member's extension from your desktop app, Obihai, Polycom, or mobile app. Just enter their extension and press call to connect.

    How do I know what my extension number is?

    You will find your extension number in your User Settings, under your Profile.

    How do I change my extension number?

    Extension numbers are set by your Company or Office Admins. 

    If you'd like to change your extension number, please reach out to them for assistance. 

    How do outside callers dial by extension?

    In order for outside callers to reach your teach members via extension:

    What happens if the length changes after extensions have been assigned?

    When this length is changed, the currently assigned extensions get wiped immediately. The extensions will need to be remapped/assigned before they start working again.

    Can we add an extension to a room phone?

    Yes, you're able to add an extension to a room phone.

    Can we add an extension to a department or contact center?

    Yes, you're able to add an extension to Shared Lines such as a Department or Call Center. Keep in mind that the Department or Call Center must have a number assigned to it first in order for an extension to be added.

    If I add a new extension, does that count as a new user?

    No, however, you must already have a user in order to assign them an extension. 

    Can we remove DIDs (individual numbers) from a user and allow them only extensions?

    Only if you are on a Contact Center plan. This feature is not available for Ai Voice and Ai Sales users. 

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