Export Guide: Overview of Call Count Over Time
    • 05 Apr 2024
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    Export Guide: Overview of Call Count Over Time

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    Article Summary

    Knowing your call volumes (i.e., call count) over specific periods of time is crucial for resource allocation. Use your call logs to see how many calls came through outside of your business hours, or on a weekend, and adjust your staffing (or hours!) as needed. 

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature

    Dialpad admin and users with Analytics permission can view office-wide call logs. 

    Individual users can export their own analytics data.

    Export call logs

    To see your call count over time, first you need to export your call logs.

    Head to your Admin Portal from Dialpad.com 

    1. Navigate to the Analytics section
    2. Select the desired User or groups
    3. Select a desired date range
    4. Select Export (.csv)
    5. Select Call Logs
    6. Select Send Report

    That's it! You'll receive a download link with a CSV file containing the call logs.

    Incoming and outgoing calls over time

    To see your incoming and outgoing calls over a specific period of time, filter your call logs CSV export.  

    On the CSV file:

    1. Navigate to the Direction column
    2. Select Inbound or Outbound on the filter
    3. Navigate to Target_type column
    4. Select a User or Group filter
    5. Navigate to Name column
    6. Select a specific group
    7. Navigate to the Date_started column and sort by date

    Now you can identify incoming or outgoing calls that took place before or after a specific time, and use the Category column filter to see the data for different call categories.

    Dialpad tip:
    Make sure that the date_started column uses the date and time format.

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