Export Guide: Calculating Talk Time
    • 02 Apr 2024
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    Export Guide: Calculating Talk Time

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    Understanding user talk time is crucial for resource allocation and scheduling. Export call logs from the Admin Portal on Dialpad.com to analyze individual user phone usage. To export, go to Analytics, select user or group, date range, and export call logs. This data helps track talk time for efficient customer interactions. Use filters in the call logs file to calculate average talk time by subtracting the date connected from the date ended.

    Knowing your user's talk time helps efficiently allocate resources and aids in effective scheduling. Export your call logs to drill into the details of how much time an individual user spends on the phone. 

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature

    Dialpad admins and users with Analytics permission can export office-wide call data.

    Individual users can export their own call analytics data.

    Export call logs

    To export your call logs, head to your Admin Portal from Dialpad.com 

    1. Navigate to Analytics 
    2. Select the desired User or groups filter
    3. Select a desired date range
    4. Select Export (.csv)
    5. Select Call Logs
    6. Select Send Report

    Thats it, you'll receive a download link with a CSV file containing the call logs.

    Average talk time

    Keeping track of talk time helps your business and customer service teams figure out how efficiently they're handling customer interactions.

    To get this data, use the exported call logs file, and apply the following filters:

    1. Navigate to the Direction column
    2. Select the Inbound filter 
    3. Navigate to the Category column
    4. Select Incoming filter 
    5. Navigate to Target_type column
    6. Select User filter

    To get the call time value, apply the formula of subtracting the date_ended from the date_connected column.

    Dialpad tip:
    Set the format of the date_connected and the date_ended columns to Time, and the talk duration column to Duration. This ensures the result is displayed correctly.

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