Dialpad Meetings Release Notes 23.10.13
  • 13 Oct 2023
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Dialpad Meetings Release Notes 23.10.13

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Article Summary

The Dialpad Meeting's desktop app is designed to live at the center of your business communications and we're always rolling out product updates containing new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  

Let's take a look at what's new from our most recent release on October 13, 2023


Dynamic view improvements 

The new dynamic view is now available for everyone! You can now view more than 16 participants on the Dynamic view layout when organizing a conference call for a huge group.

Call recording greeting update

Don't want your meeting to have a 'This call is being recorded' prompt? No problem, we've added a new setting that allows you to turn the audible call recording greeting on and off

Summary email update

We recently revamped our call summary email and added a little too much personal information. We know how important (and confidential!) phone numbers are, and so we've removed them from the subject line. 

Critical bug fixes

Record button kept spinning 

Some users reported that after enabling the 'Record' option, the button got stuck spinning. This has been fixed!

Ai transcription duplication

A few users reported that if they enabled Ai for a call that does not have an active Ai, and then stopped and re-started it, the transcription was duplicated. We've fixed this.

Other improvements

We've also fixed some minor bugs and behind-the-scenes functionality, improving your overall Dialpad Meetings experience.

Launch Dialpad Meetings to take advantage of our latest improvements!

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