Coaching Hub - Early Adopter Program
    • 17 Aug 2023
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    Coaching Hub - Early Adopter Program

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    The Ai Coaching Hub is a new feature that allows users to streamline onboarding, track performance, and improve customer experiences. It provides a single location to view Agent and Trainee performance across multiple offices, Coaching Teams, and Contact Centers. The Coaching Hub leaderboard offers actionable analytics to identify teams and agents in need of additional support. Users can compare agents and groups quickly and easily, as well as track the efficacy of scorecards over time. To use the Coaching Hub, users need to ensure that Ai is turned on for the desired Contact Center, Department, or Coaching Team. Different permission sets determine the level of access to leaderboard data. The Coaching Hub displays metrics such as total calls, percentage of answered and missed calls, average CSAT score, average scorecard grade, and validated calls. Users can customize the leaderboard by selecting desired filters and sorting options. The feature is still being developed with plans to add more metrics and functionality in the future.

    Streamline onboarding, track performance, and build better customer experiences with our newest feature — Ai Coaching Hub.

    Ai Coaching Hub gives you a single location to view Agent and Trainee performance across multiple offices, Coaching Teams, and Contact Centers, allowing you to easily monitor your team’s performance and identify coaching opportunities.

    Let's dive into the details.

    Coaching Hub is currently in an Early Adopter Program and is not yet available to all Users.

    Coaching Hub will be available to Dialpad Users on Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales plans who are using the Ai Scorecards add-on and Ai CSAT.

    If you’re already using Ai Scorecards and Ai CSAT, contact your Customer Success Manager to sign up for the Coaching Hub Early Adopter Program.

    What Is Coaching Hub?

    Coaching Hub gives you total visibility into your team’s performance and provides a concise, objective overview of multiple Departments, Coaching Teams, and Contact Centers. 

    The Coaching Hub leaderboard provides actionable analytics, making it quick and easy to identify which teams and agents need additional support. Agents and groups can be compared quickly and easily, and identify the efficacy of scorecards over time.

    Turn On Coaching Hub

    Once you’re enrolled in our Early Adopter Program, there’s only one thing you need to do in order to use Ai Coaching Hub — make sure Ai is turned on for the Contact Center, Department, or Coaching Team.

    To turn on Ai, head to your Admin Settings from

    1. Choose the desired Contact Center, Department or Coaching Team
    2. Navigate Dialpad Ai
    3. Check the box beside Turn on Ai

    Ai must be enabled at the Company level before you can configure Ai preferences for Offices, Contact Centers, Departments, individual Users and Coaching Groups. 

    If you don’t see the Ai option in your settings, reach out to your Admin. 

    How to Use Coaching Hub

    Company Admins, Office Admins, Contact Center Supervisors, and Coaches can all access the Ai Coaching Hub, however, leaderboard data will vary depending on the viewer’s permission set. 

    • Company Admins can view data for all Contact Centers, Departments, and Coaching Teams within the company. 
    • Office Admins can view all Contact Centers, Departments, and Coaching Teams within their office.
    • Contact Center Supervisors can view all Contact Centers that they supervise (including multiple offices)
    • Coaches can view all Coaching Teams that they supervise (throughout multiple offices)

    To access the Coaching Hub:

    1. Head to your Admin Settings from 
    2. Select Coaching Hub from the left sidebar

    You can also access the Coaching Hub from the ‘Monitor All’ pages within the Dialpad App. 

    Simply click the Coaching Hub icon on the right side of your app (that’s the clipboard with the Ai symbol) and you’ll be taken to the Coaching Hub. 

    Coaching Hub currently displays the following metrics:

    • Total Calls: Total number of calls the Agent/Trainee placed and received 
    • Percentage of Answered Calls: Percentage of calls the Agent/Trainee answered
    • Percentage of Missed Calls: Percentage of calls the Agent/Trainee missed 
    • Average CSAT Score: The average CSAT score of the Agent/Trainee’s calls
    • Average Scorecard Grade: The Agent’s average scorecard grade 
    • Validated Calls: Calls that lasted more than 60 seconds, and both the caller and the Agent/Trainee spoke 

    We'll be adding additional functionality and metrics throughout the Early Adopter Program. 

    Customize the leaderboard

    Customize your leaderboard to display only the metrics you need and learn which skills your team needs the most help with. Who needs to really improve at driving positive customer interactions? Who stays on the phone for way too long?

    To customize your leaderboard:

    • Click Edit 
    • Check the desired filters                                                                                                         
    • Select Done

    Click the arrows beside each metric to sort the leaderboard by a specific metric. 

    Highly visible color blocks make it easy to identify your highest and lowest-performing Agents/Trainees for each metric.

    Use the filters to easily find data for specific dates, Contact Centers, Coaching Teams, and Departments.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I export leaderboard data? 

    Not at this time, but we’re working on it — stay tuned!

    Why can’t I see data past 90 days?

    Leaderboard data is currently limited to 90 days. We will be adding extended historical data soon so stay tuned. 

    Can I select specific Agents/Trainees?

    No, the Coaching Hub displays information based on the entire Contact Center, Department, and/or Coaching Team. 

    How often is leaderboard data refreshed?

    When you first open the Coaching Hub leaderboard, the data displayed is less than 5 minutes old! After that, you’ll need to manually refresh the page after 10 minutes to review updated data. 

    Where can I give feedback on this feature?

    We want to hear about your experience! Please send feedback to [email protected].

    Can I add more metrics?

    Not currently. Throughout the EAP process, we will be adding new metrics and functionality. 

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