Field mapping for Dialpad Call Activity in Salesforce
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Field mapping for Dialpad Call Activity in Salesforce

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Article Summary

Customized reports require customized data. Use Dialpad Call Log Custom Object to discover trends and dig into the details of your calls. 

Every Dialpad call eligible to be logged in a connected Salesforce instance creates a Dialpad Call Log record in Salesforce.

To configure field mapping for Dialpad call activities, first, install the latest version of the Dialpad for Salesforce package in Salesforce.

Let's dive into the details. 

Who can use this feature

Dialpad Ai VoiceAi Sales, and Ai Contact Center Users on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Before a Dialpad Call Log Custom Object can be used, you'll need to contact our Support Team to have the feature enabled. 

Dialpad Call Log Custom Object 

The Dialpad Call Log is a Custom Object in the Dialpad managed package that captures Dialpad call details and notes them in Salesforce. 

Using the chosen Dialpad call information, this Custom Object creates a Call Activity Record (Task Activity) in Salesforce.


Use Dialpad Call Log objects to create call reports & dashboards in Salesforce and measure KPIs specific to your call centers & agents.

To begin, check out the sample reports noted in the next section.

Sample reports

Use sample reports to get an idea of what can be exported. 

Access your sample reports from your Dialpad Dashboards. 


Remember, these reports are built on top of the Dialpad Call Log object, so you will only see data if you start using the newly released updates.

Configuring field mapping

Salesforce Admins can map fields from the Dialpad call log object to a Task object, ensuring that the call information captured makes the most sense for your organization.

Let's take a look at how to configure field mapping. 

  1. Navigate to your Dialpad Lightning tab
  2. Select Setup Manager
  3. Select Settings
  4. Expand Call Activity Field Mapping 
  5. Select the Task fields of your choice
  6. Select Save 

Once you've saved your preferences, all proceeding calls will capture the call information detailed in your selected Task fields.

Available fields 

Dialpad offers a wide variety of fields that can be mapped in Salesforce. 

Below, you'll find our available fields and their definitions. 

  • Agent Name: The call operator's display name.
  • Ai Summary: Ai Recap of the call (with a 255 character limit). 
  • Ai Action Items: The Action Items detected in a call
  • Ai Outcome: The outcome of the call, generated along with the Ai Recap.
  • Ai Call Purpose: Ai Call Purpose, accessible in the Ai Recap object
  • Call disposition notes: Notes from the logged call disposition.
  • Call Duration(In Seconds): Total duration of the call, in seconds.
  • Call End Time: The call's end date.
  • Call From: The phone number that was used to dial the call.
  • Call Quality Rating: The MOS call quality score provided by the user.
  • Call Recording URL: The call recording's shareable URL.
  • Call Result: The call disposition value. 
  • Call To: The number that was dialed.
  • Call Type: The call direction (inbound, outbound etc).
  • CallId: Unique call ID
  • Comments: Notes written by the agent during the call 
  • Connected Duration:The length of time the call was connected to an operator.
  • CSAT Score: The CSAT score.
  • Dialing Duration: The length of time spent dialing before the call was answered. 
  • Due Date: Call activity date (the day the call occured).
  • Hold Duration: The amount of time the caller was on hold. 
  • IsDialpadCallLog: Confirms the object is a Dialpad Call Log (this will always be true).
  • isValidatedCall: Confirms if the call was connected between two parties where both spoke for longer than 1 minute (ie a valid conversation). 
  • Object Name: Name of the Dialpad contact. 
  • Parent Object Id: ID of the connected Salesforce instance.
  • PhoneNumber: Dialpad target number.
  • Queued Duration: Amount of time the caller spent in a queue. 
  • Related Object Ids: The Salesforce ID of the related object (if selected). 
  • Ringing Duration: The time spent in a ringing state (before the call was answered). 
  • Routing Duration: The time spent in transit (routing) before being answered.
  • Status: Call status (this will always be listed as Complete). 
  • Subject: The subject listed by the agent. If no status was provided, the default status will be listed. 
  • Target Name: The name of the call's target.
  • Task Subtype: The value 'Call' will be updated for every log.
  • Time of call: The call's start date.
  • Type:  The value 'Call' will be updated for every log.

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