Ai Spotlight: Interesting Question
  • 07 Jun 2023
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Ai Spotlight: Interesting Question

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Article Summary

Knowing what questions your customers are asking helps us understand what is important to them, the issues they're facing, and what they find confusing. 

The Interesting Question Moment uses Dialpad Ai to capture questions asked on your calls, by both Agents and Clients. 

Not only are Interesting Questions great for understanding the client's user journey and pain points, but they're also perfect for training your team and quickly ramping up new agents. Use them to learn what questions your own team asks on calls, to see if they’re asking the right qualifying questions and positioning things in the right way.

Let's go over how this Moment works. 

Who Can Use This Feature

Custom Moments are available to Ai Sales and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Dialpad Ai is available in English and Spanish for Offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  

Interesting Question Insights

Dialpad's Interesting Question Moment gives you insight into your team's service quality, and their knowledge gaps, and also highlights improvement areas for your Coaches and Supervisors to train on. 

It gives you an easy way to review your customers' product knowledge and their ease of adoption. 

Identify customer pain points

Easily spot product improvement opportunities and potential bugs by reviewing your Customer's questions.

If callers are frequently calling because they can't find the 'edit' button on their payment profile, take this feedback to your design team so they can make it more visible. 

If clients are constantly calling to complain about a missing feature, take that feedback to your product team so they can adjust accordingly.

Coaching and agent growth

Find coachable calls for your Ai Sales representatives.

Interest Questions highlight the questions your team is asking your clients during their calls. Dig into the details to see if they are following your procedures and if they are positioning things correctly to optimize closing deals.  

How to use Interesting Questions

Once Dialpad Ai is enabled, managers can find calls with coachable moments and knowledge gaps by filtering calls by the Intersting Question Moment.

Easily review Interesting Question data from your Web Call History, or from the Analytics section.

Access Interesting Question data from Analytics 

To access Interesting Question data from the Analytics section of Dialpad, head to your Admin Portal at

  1. Navigate to Analytics
  2. Filter by Contact Center or Coaching Group, or review all calls
  3. Select the Moment Filter
  4. Check the box beside Interesting Question
  5. Choose if you'd like to review calls with Interesting Questions from the Customer, Agent, or both 
  6. Select Apply


Access Interesting Question data from Call History

To access Interesting Question data from your Web Call History, head to your Admin Portal at

  1. Navigate to Call History
  2. Select the Moment Filter
  3. Check the box beside Interesting Question
  4. Choose if you'd like to review calls with Interesting Questions from the Customer, Agent, or both 
  5. Select Apply


To see the full detail of the call, click the Ai icon to view the call summary.


Dialpad Tip
If a customer asks a question your agents don’t know how to answer, consider adding that to a Real-Time Assist card to help them the next time that question comes up.

From the Analytics section, easily spot and decipher patterns. See if questions are trending up or down over time as you train up your sales reps and contact center agents with support material and RTAs.

Apply the Interesting Question filter to view the daily usage graph. 

Click on a day to see the number of calls where Interesting Questions were captured, and on which side (Agent or Caller).



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