Add Call Credits to Your Dialpad Office
  • 22 Sep 2023
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Add Call Credits to Your Dialpad Office

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Article Summary

While calls to your local Dialpad numbers are free, certain features do incur additional charges:

  • International and domestic calls
    • Inbound and outbound
  • Messaging (SMS/MMS) in the US
  • Inbound calls to toll-free lines 
  • Outbound faxes

Easily purchase Calling Credits to ensure you always have access to these features.

Let's learn more about how to add credits, check your balance, view your usage, and confirm your credit payment. 

Who can use this feature
Call Credits can be purchased by Company or Office Admins and are available on all Dialpad plans.
Credits are managed from the Credits page in your Admin portal. 

Add call credits

To add calling credits for your international and/or toll-free lines, head to your Admin Settings from 

  1. Click Billing  
  2. Click Calling Credits 
  3. Select Add Value
  4. Choose the desired credit amount and select Next 
    • Choose if you'd like to automatically recharge your credits when your balance is below $5.
  5. Review the summary, select Add to confirm 

Call credits apply to messages too! Enabling the Automatic Credit Refill feature ensures your outbound SMS/MMS messages will not be blocked due to insufficient funds. 


Each office needs to have its own calling credits. If you have multiple offices, you'll need to follow these steps in every office.

Accounts paying with a credit card will see credit balance charges immediately, while invoiced accounts will be assessed the credit amount on their next invoice date.

Automatic Credit Refill

Call credits apply to both calls and messages — the last thing you want is to have a message blocked because you ran out of credits!
Use Dialpad's automatic credit refill feature to ensure your offices never run out of call and message credits.

From the main Credits page, check the box beside 'Automatically add $50.00 to your calling credits when your balance goes below $5".

When enabled, if your credit balance dips below $5, your card will automatically be charged and  $50.00 of call credits will be applied to your account.


If you don't see the automatic credit refill option on your main Calling Credits page, all you need to do is add new call credits and check the automatic refill box before confirming the credits.

Check credit balance

Call credits run off of your call credit balance.

You can view this balance in your Admin Settings at

  1. Select Billing from the sidebar
  2. Click Call Credits 

International calls are charged at a set rate based on the caller's country location. Inbound calls to US and Canada toll-free numbers are charged to you at $0.02 USD per minute.

Confirm credit card

Some accounts may need to confirm a credit card before calling credits can be added. We do this as an added security step and to mitigate fraudulent charges on your account.

Admins will see the prompt after selecting a dollar value from the Add Value menu

We'll post a small charge on your credit card and will ask you to confirm the amount. Simply log into your account to verify and enter the amount in Dialpad. Once verified, you'll be able to add more calling credits whenever you need or even set up automatic recharges.

Check your usage

Gain a deeper understanding of your calling credit usage.

Administrators can access and review a monthly breakdown of the following information:

  • Number of toll-free calls 
  • Number of international calls
  • Date/Time of calls
  • Team member/Department that placed or received the call
  • Phone number that was used
  • Call duration
  • Cost 

To do this, first, navigate to your Admin Settings at and follow the below steps.

  1. Select Billing 
  2. Click Calling Credits 
  3. Select Usage



Did you know you can Export your call credits usage? Simply click on Export Credit Usage on the right-hand side.

Frequently asked questions 

Will I be billed for Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales calls?

Yes. Users on Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales licenses are charged per-minute rates for local inbound and outbound calls. Call pricing for these plans starts at $0.01/min for inbound and $0.02/min for outbound calls within the United States. 

If you add a toll-free number to your Ai Sales license, there will be an inbound toll-free per-minute fee of $0.02/min.

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