Call Journey
    • 28 Sep 2023
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    Call Journey

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    Call Journey is a feature in Dialpad software that records every action a call takes from start to finish. It shows how calls enter the system and are routed to different groups or individuals. This helps minimize missed calls and ensures customers reach the right representative. Call Journey also helps improve system configuration for better customer service. To access Call Journey in Dialpad, go to the web portal and click on the options menu for any call, then select Call Journey. The Call Journey window displays how the call entered the system, events and routing steps during the call, and how it ended. Common terms used in Call Journeys include navigating through menus, transfers to other people or departments, routing by automated systems, voicemail, and call status (ringing/missed/connected/answered).

    Call Journey is a record of every action, a call takes from the moment it accesses the Dialpad software to the moment it ends. You’ll be able to see how each call entered Dialpad, and how it routed to different groups or individuals over the call’s lifetime.

    It provides insight into missed calls and helps minimize them, ensuring your customers consistently reach a representative and are routed to the right person. Call Journey can also uncover opportunities to improve your system configuration, setting up your customers — and business — for success.

    Let's take a look at how to use Call Journey. 

    Who can use this feature

    Call Journey is available to all Dialpad Ai VoiceAi Sales, and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

    Using call journey

    Let's take a closer look at how you can access Call Journey in Dialpad.

    First, navigate to Call History in your Dialpad web portal.

    Then, click on the options menu (those are the three vertical dots to the right of a call) for any call and select Call Journey.

    The Call Journey window will display how this call entered your Dialpad system, call events that take place, routing steps while in the system, and ultimately how the call ended.

    Some of these events and routing steps include:

    • Navigating through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu
    • Being transferred to another person, department, or Contact Center
    • Being routed by geographic router or other automated systems
    • Being sent to voicemail
    • Calls being parked
    • Calls being rung/missed/connected/answered
    • … and more!


    When looking at Call Journeys, you'll notice the following common terms. 

    New CallsWhen a call transfers to a new user or group (Contact Center or Department).
    This includes manual transfers, IVR transfers, and other routing methods. 
    Call BacksTwo separate calls linked with the same number. The first call is typically when a customer calls a Contact Center and requests a callback. The second call is when the Contact Center agent called the customer back.
    In the Call Journey window, you'll see the link between the two calls. 

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