View Upcoming & Past Meetings

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Need to see your upcoming or past meetings? We've got you covered!

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to the Meetings menu. 




Here, you'll see 2 tabs for your upcoming and completed meetings. 

Upcoming Meetings are scheduled, and the History tab displays meetings that have already occurred. 


Let's take a closer look at both.

View Upcoming Meetings

Clicking into Upcoming will display a list of all future meetings with the date, time, title, and participants.



DPM_Upcoming.pngIf you select an upcoming meeting from the list, you'll find additional information about each meeting. You can select the Edit Meeting icon to modify the following:

  • Meeting title
  • Date, time, duration, and timezone
  • Invited participants
  • Call participants when this meeting starts
  • Add to calendar (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, iCal Calendar)

You can also select the Delete Meeting icon (the trashcan) to remove the scheduled meeting from your list.



If you're the organizer, all participants will be notified that the meeting has been canceled.

View History or Past Meetings

Clicking into History will display a list of all of your past meetings with the date, time, and participant list.

It also includes labels for Dialpad Ai, Audio, and/or Video Recording if those features were turned on during a conference.

Choose a meeting from the list, and Dialpad Meetings will share additional information. You can also click View call summary to get deeper insights if Dialpad Ai or Call Recording were enabled. In the same pop-up window, the meeting title can be edited.

Meetings that already occurred can be deleted from your History tab by choosing a meeting from the list and selecting the Delete Meeting icon.