Dialpad Meetings Troubleshooting FAQs

Let's go over some common Dialpad Meetings troubleshooting questions.

How do I send an error report?

We want to hear about it! Follow the commands below to send us an error report that includes the diagnostic logs:

  • Mac: Press Command + E
  • Windows: Press Control +Shift + E

After sending an error report, reach out to our Support Team directly. If your issue is specifically related to a meeting, we suggest reaching out to our team within 24 hours.

Why is my Organizer photo displaying incorrectly?

If you're the Organizer, check the following settings:

  • The right image is uploaded to your account (JPG/PNG, 10MB)
  • You're logged into your own account
  • If you joined by phone, make sure the phone # matches the one on your account

If you're calling in from a number that's shared across your organization (like an office line) and another user image is appearing instead, please contact our Support Team and we can create a team profile for your organization to use.

A team profile allows anyone dialing in from a shared number to appear as a custom company name and logo.

Why is my Participant photo displaying incorrectly?

If your Participant photo is displaying incorrectly, make sure that you've saved them as a contact in your Dialpad Meetings account with their:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Desired photo

The next time they call in, we will do our best to match them up correctly.

For best results, don't use nicknames when saving contacts, as this may confuse identification logic and cause them not to appear correctly in meetings.

If that doesn't work, try having your Participant join via the web and enter their own details.

When they visit your URL, they will be prompted to enter their personal identification information. Only a name is required, but we also allow the option to add:

  • A photo
  • Their LinkedIn Profile
  • An email
  • A phone #

Why am I having mic & camera issues on Chrome?

Getting an error when trying to connect your mic and camera when using Dialpad Meetings via Chrome? 

Try this workaround to resolve your mic issues:


After the permission has been removed, run a test call. You should be prompted on the top left to give access to your mic. Click Allow.


Before following the steps above, make sure that you've checked your computer's audio settings to verify you've got a working mic connected to your computer.

Why won't my camera work with macOS Ventura?

Apple recently introduced a continuity camera that allows people to use their iPhone as an external camera for their Mac. In macOS Ventura, it starts looking for the iPhone camera (over Bluetooth), which takes a while, leading to timeouts and missing the camera input.

Apple will be fixing this issue in the upcoming releases; until then, follow these steps to enable your camera while using macOS Venture.

  1. Sign out from your iCloud account
  2. Reboot your OS
  3. Sign in again


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