Delegate a User

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How to Delegate a User

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to AccountDelegates


Select Add a linked user and enter the user's email address


Enter the email address of the person who you would like to link accounts with and click Add delegate.


Now, under the Delegates section, you will see the connection. 


Dialpad Meetings will send an email confirmation to your linked user, then they can toggle between themself and your user profile.

Linked users can hover over their profile picture and select Delegates in the pop-up menu to switch.

Remove a Delegate

To remove a Delegated User, simply click the red 'Remove' text beside your Delegate's email address.remove_delegate.png

Meeting Delegation for Linked Users

Once the accounts are linked, Executives Assistants (EAs) can also schedule meetings for their delegated user via the  Dialpad Meetings Google Calendar Add-on. One-click scheduling ensures that not only the correct meeting room link is provided every single time, but that they can also manage the meeting as the organizer. Furthermore, the EA can make changes to the meeting or agenda as needed.

Learn all about Meeting Delegation here.